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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 29 reviews
        Looks great!

        Goes well in our laundry room. The deep sink is nice for soaking. The overall small size works in our space.

        Kaeson T
        Looks nice, good quantity

        I really love the deep stainless steel sink and In the end I was satisfied with the overall look. Overall it’s a good buy if you have a small space and are looking for an enhanced look over the traditional laundry sinks.

        Elaine Titus
        Perfect fit.

        It is perfect for our kitchen we put together for my husband’s mancave.

        Barry G. Schlecht
        Easy installation.

        This is a great product, and a great value. Very good looking and easy to install. Very satisfied!

        Modern with nice deep sink

        Modern white design with a deep sink, easy to install, easy to clean.

        lisa perla
        Very nice

        I actually bought this for a mother in law suite kitchenette sink and I'm very pleased!

        valmarelys morales
        Looks nice, good quantity

        All hardware was in the kit.

        Sarah Steineke
        Perfect fit.

        It is perfect for our kitchen we put together for my husband

        Angell Jr
        Having it in my laundry room and it’s not wood.

        I love the look and functionality.

        Kevin Kapity
        It’s alright

        Purchased this for a half bathroom to be used basically as a “utility sink” since there isn’t any other place for such a thing in the rest of the house.

        TLDR summary: sink and faucet good. Sink is slightly larger than top of cabinet. Comes with 1/2” supply lines that need adapted. Cabinet feels cheap but is well made. $300 is a fair good price for the entire package. It is as advertised and what I’d expect for that price point.

        Pros: The quality of the sink itself is fantastic. Heavier gauge stainless steel than I expected to receive with a nice faucet to boot. Can’t beat that.
        The finish on the cabinet (we got grey) is nice and durable very smooth. Sadly this is also a con because it feels almost like cheap plastic although very dense and hard.
        The cabinet itself is however sturdy and it was well engineered. It even has a support block under the flimsy drawer bottom which is not typical at all for this type of thing and that alone stood out to me.

        Cons: The sink does not fit perfectly in the top of the cabinet. It has a lip all the way around when centered and it makes getting everything square difficult.
        Not a huge fan of the cheap flex drain hose but it makes it more universal and not everyone is using this in the same situation I am.
        Half inch faucet supply lines should really be swapped to the standard 3/8” but I needed to replace my shutoffs anyways so I was able to pickup 1/2” shutoffs locally without an issue.
        Cabinet comes with very very very cheap hinges and knobs that really take away from the quality. It does not have the typical cupboard hinge and this really makes it feel cheap. New knobs will only do so much.
        Instructions could be better took almost 2 hours to put together but wasn’t bad once you figure out how to follow them.

        Overall this fit the bill of what I was looking for and it came with everything needed to replace a pedestal sink in my case / take the place of a vanity while adding the utility of a full size kitchen sink and sprayer faucet. I think $300 is a fair price for the package I believe I paid somewhere around $340.

        I did not need to cut the rear support for my drain piping.