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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 10 reviews
        Nichole Renea Stotler

        Love the look. Holds a ton of office supplies binders and looks beautiful. Sturdy and yet fit under my book shelves and have a light on it.

        Stephanie HerrersStephanie Herrers
        Glad I purchased this one

        It just what I was looking for not to big not to small it doesn't take to much space and it wasn't to hard to assemble

        This is the best hutch!

        This took a very long time to put together (about 3 hours) due to all of the parts. For the most part its really well constructed. The drawer wasnt totally glued together but was easy to fix. Its very sturdy. I bought it for my coffee nook and I love it!! Absolutely no regrets and its a perfect addition to my home!!

        Rebekah J. MardisRebekah J. Mardis
        Go slow and it will be worth it

        I needed more room for some countertop appliances and thought this cabinet was worth the money and the supposed hassle to put together. I spent just under 4 hours putting it together - it was NOT difficult, merely time-consuming. I am a 5'3", 115 lb, 51-year old woman who was easily able to follow the pictographs and do all of the work on my own, with no assistance from anyone, including the lifting and sliding.There were two places where assistance may have been better: putting the cabinet doors on, and for my particular needs, measuring the holes for our light switch and thermostat to be cut into the back piece. I went slow with that as well, using a sharp box cutter.The cabinet looks nice and is just the right size to fit into that cubby-hole area.

        Easy to build

        This is amazing! I love the color and the style, it did have some damage from shipping but the company was amazing and took care of me! It was easy to build and Im very happy!

        Harry D.
        Most comprehensive instructions I have ever gotten

        I found the quality to be good. Instructions were fantastic. Only 1 quality issue was drawer front was not glued well. But easy fix. Instructions were on point with only 1 or 2 small discrepancies over all I was completely satisfied

        Sean Rundell
        Worth it!

        Only knock: It's shorter than I expected. Otherwise, this thing is STURDY! Well built, easy to assemble, and the backing is actually backing, not a make-shift frame to keep it square. Looks beautiful when assembled, lots of space for anything and really, after looking at it a bit, the shortness ended up working as a nice place to put some decorations.All in all an excellent product.

        Went together nicely, looks good

        There were a lot of pieces, but they were well market. Small stickers with numbers on all of the wooden pieces, and the bags of screws/etc all had a letter to identify. Nothing was missing and everything went together easily (it did take a while).Looks nice and all the doors and the drawer work properly. Very happy with it.

        Lovely kitchen cupboard/pantry

        Bought this for dishes and pantry items in our studio kitchenette it has been really helpful and looks lovely easy to assemble came in great condition and has been sturdy but weve only had it a month

        Beautiful stand.

        Used the product for an altar.