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        Gerald bahosh
        Ordered ten days ago not received

        Ten days ago oradered not received yet or çonveration of order was a poster potty for one hundred twenty nine dollars wear is it 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

        Hello, the logistics shows that your package has been signed for on February 16. Please log in to the background to check the order status. If you have any doubts, you can contact us and let us know your order number and questions. We will deal with you as soon as possible.

        Maureen Callahan
        The fastest service I have ever gotten

        Fast service

        Just trying to help =)
        Toilet works great for travel or Boating

        I bought this toilet for my speed boat so that I could spend a little more time on the water with the kids before having to return back. Its nice and compact and works excellently.

        To confirm a few things, you fill the top portion with water before using, once full with new clean water you can flush about 40-50 times. After that you need to empty it (the waste part), and refill the clean water.

        You can empty it at campgrounds that have brown water pour out stations, or in your toilet if you wanted to. A bit gross to do the later, but it does work.

        It doesn't drip or leak at all, just keep your eyes on the fill line and I would suggest emptying it when you are below the 3/4 full mark. Because you have to carry it and turn it to dump it, if its do full you might get a bit of splash back.. and well, eww.

        Anyways, this is a really good portable toilet and works perfectly, definitely recommend.

        Good investment!! Highly recommend!

        We purchased this for immediate use during a bathroom renovation, and in anticipation of building a RV out of a bus in the future.
        We needed something now, and figured we'd know if it would work in a bus by the time the bathroom reno was done.
        It worked beautifully!!
        It's easy to is, easy to clean and easy to empty! Who can ask for more?!!
        We used the little pkts designed for such things to prevent bad odors, and had no problems at all!
        I was slightly concerned having some slight mobility issues, but it is a perfect height.
        The seat is comfortable and it's sturdy. (Neither my hubby or I ate little people)
        This will be perfect if we do end up building an RV!
        Highly recommended!

        A necessity!

        Its perfect for our warehouse shop that doesnt have access to a toilet!

        Barbara Engelke
        Good product.

        It does the job.

        It's good for the body and the price

        Small and portable

        Radio Relay
        Love this

        Have been using this portable toilet for about a month in my RV. It is easy to use, and also easy to dispose of waste when it fills. Doesn't smell either, if you have "no smell" chemicals in it. Very happy with it!

        Wife loves it.

        We use this on a cabin boat and there is zero smell inside the cabin. Wife loves the convenience of the flushing/locking mechanisms.

        Eric Wade
        High quality, well constructed, reliable

        We've used this for a few months on camping trips and have been delighted with it. Very good craftsmanship and easy to use and empty out without the odors.