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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 6 reviews
        Bettie B
        Thankful I bought it…

        I bought this toilet because my husband and I hunt, plus we also like to go to the mountains. There are no toilets when hunting and few and far between in the mountains. I know all of you men just use it in the great outdoors but for a woman, we can’t always do that, especially when there are trail cameras everywhere. I really don’t want my “white tail” on camera. This toilet is small enough to fit inside the shooting house and portable enough to take just about anywhere. The legs were sturdy and easy to assemble. My only complaint is that the stoppers that hold the bags on are hard to undo but I know the rubber will eventually soften making it easier. I’m very pleased with this purchase!

        Gotta Doo? This one is for you!

        This port-a-toilet is a good buy. It came with two heights of legs that just screw in to change them. Take them off for storage in the included bag.. I used the taller legs as the height is more like a real toilet. The bags which came with it were easy to "snap" in using the plastic tabs on the toilet. I used sawdust in the bag and it absorbed odor and the bag lasted over two days with just one person using it. The only thing I would change might be to add a cover over the seat for added odor control and aesthetics. Overall, it is very portable, easy to stow, and super sturdy. Just buy it!

        K. Pearman
        It works. What else is there to say about an outdoor toilet seat?

        We bought this for dispersed camping. Dig a hole, set this up around it, do your business, and get on with the fun part of the day.

        Worked just fine. The legs can be removed for travel. There are also a set of taller legs that we didn't use because they don't fit inside the seat. But if that was important to you, they are there--actually a nice extra feature.

        Very sturdy. Extremely durable.

        Very very sturdy. My 71 year old father with partial paralysis after a stroke, can use this toilet on our camping trips and not worry about it falling over. Comfy too. Much more durable than it appears in photos

        D. Yang
        game changer

        Now I can poo in comfort.

        Kathryn Minarik
        The size is great.

        This a great value for the money. Realy like how it disables quickly and how small it becomes. Also like how tall it is and how large the seat is. Its seems to be about the same size as a regular elongated toilet. Im a big guy- 6'2" and over 400lbs and it did fine.