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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 15 reviews
        Patricia Fullmer
        Great product!

        This product was exactly as described. It is sturdy, strong and I absolutely am very pleased with it..

        Mildred Sanders
        Packaging could be better

        The first one I ordered was broken. The company was easy to get a new replacement from. When the second one came I was afraid it would be broken as well as the cardboard box was very smashed up. However the second one is Perfect! Very happy with this purchase.

        Gail Mattia

        Great item It is just as shown.

        Works great. Bulky to pack.

        This toilet worked great and held our weight just fine. We're a family of 5. Our heaviest weight is around 260lbs and there were no issues. We also went on another camping trip and hosted our family visiting from California. All men and very tall and large and we all used the toilet. The only small issue I noticed was at times the toilet would pop off of the bottom base that it comes with when you would first sit on it but it wasn't that big of a deal just needed to be sure it was alligned correctly in that bottom base. It's very sturdy, the toilet seat itself is a good size , the height of the toilet is great. It has a toilet paper holder that we did not use. It seemed way to small to hold any roll of toilet paper and it also has a phone holder. We did not use that because we used a pop up tent that held all of the things necessary such as bags, eco gel, wipes, toiket paper, air freshener, hand sanitizer, and Clorox wipes. We used biodegradable toilet bags and eco gel and each person was in charge of discarding of their own bag in a bucket and putting a new bag for the next person. At the end of our camping trip we would dump the bucket of used bags into the compost toilets at the campsite which were absolutely disgusting. So I am beyond grateful we bought this toilet. Absolutely worth it. We're taking it with us on another camping trip next week. So glad we have it and won't have to use the camps toilets. If you camp often or even if you don't, trust me this is a must have for peace of mind.

        Gee Lim
        Can't find a place to use it.

        The bucket is too deep. You can't sit on it when it's half the height. I got it for emergencies while on deliveries but I can't find a place to use it. I might need to buy window covers for the car for privacy. Otherwise, you're gonna be mooning everyone. The bucket doesn't have a seal. The lid sits loosely on top of the bucket. Why not just pee in a Tupperware at that point? At least then, your pee won't be splashing around and spilling during turns.

        Ken Simpson

        Quick shipping & product appears to be exactly what I need.

        Have a seat and relax.

        Ordered this and it arrived in great condition and all parts with it. Assembled it for a test run and it appears to be pretty solid. I purchased this for camping when we are in places with no toilets mainly for her to use. It does stack inside of itself for travel which takes up less room than some of the others I looked at. Looks like this will hold up for what we need it for.

        Andrea P.
        Perfect for tent camping, came by quick!!

        Size is good for adults but not real sturdy for a large person might be unstable but for us it's fine.

        Kelly Ann Blackwell
        Great price fast shipping

        Works great and very fast shipping

        Anal?-a M.
        "Emergency Saver"

        My true purpose for buying this was for Home use too. Although we will take it to the Lake and Camping when we go. It's a good mobile extra toilet. Only thing is, if you have a large Bum you need a comfy cushion SERIOUSLY! But I solved that issue quick by ordering a 3 inch thick Leather Foam "Toilet Cushion" for $10. You have to spend a lil time searching for the low price good ones. It workes Butt pressure wonders quite a bit though. It also gives it a lil extra hight needed. The cushion stays in place well with the bottom suctions. Its just with them Cushion on u cant close the lid. But not an issue for me because the toilet container has a lid to it. Also remember to keep a lil water in it like the Real Toilets to cut down on nasty movement mess and buy some True Lavender Oil and with each use put in 3 drops before going, to keep smells away while doing your business. And dont forget your Lysol Wipes for Sanitizing hands and Seat. Believe me that Oil "Really" works.I've had this Portable Toilet for 3 months now and its is good so far. I weigh 238 Lbs. and have used it quite a few times because i get a lot of Family and Grandchildren visiting all the time, and its pretty sturdy and usefull. I only have one Bathroom. And when Company comes, this Little extra Tiolet comes in Mighty Helpful.