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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 9 reviews
        Order arrived with two boxes - unfortunately both contain the same items and no poles for assembly

        I ordered this solar pool cover reel and was happy to see that it arrived sooner than expected. I received the two boxes but when they are opened they both contained the same material. I ended up with 4 wheels and stand parts but no poles to connect the unit together so it is totally useless in it's current configuration. The components seem to be of great quality and I hope that this can be rectified soon since I now have two half units and it is unusable until I can get the rest of the correct pieces to this reel to complete the assembly.

        Hello, the aluminum tube is used for connection, please see the manual. If you encounter other problems during the assembly process, please send a message to our customer service mailbox support@vingli.com, we will definitely give you the best after-sales service.

        Guy LaLone
        Next to impossible to buy replacement parts for pool cover reel such as straps and clips.

        I’ve been trying to order parts but can’t find them on your site. Tried email question but don’t have order # since I can’t find parts I can’t give you an order # and no help if I don’t have #. Your phone number [****] doesn’t work have tried it for days .

        I'm very sorry, but when there is no one on the phone, our staff may be off work.
        In addition, you can send to our customer service email support@vingli.com, send the product accessories you want to order, explain the situation, our customer service staff will reply you immediately after seeing your letter, and we will work hard to help you solve it .

        Jarrod Reads
        Sturdy roller for your pool cover!!

        I should have bought this a year ago! Very easy to assemble with clear directions. The roller is very sturdy and rolls the cover with ease! When not in use, the wheels and handle make it easy to stow on the side of the house. In winter we will add the roller cover to keep it dry.

        Great quality for the money

        I would recommend this solar reel. It was easy to put together. It is very easy to attach the straps and clips to the reel and solar cover. I had to remove one of the sections as it was too wide, but the price was right, so I made a minor adjustment. Makes rolling the cover so much easier to put on and take off. I also had an extra strap and clip so I attached to the end to.pull the cover on easier for one person. It rolls around nicely to move away from the pool when not being used. I would purchase again.

        Amazon Fave
        This reel makes putting on & taking off our 20' x 40' cover a breeze!

        I strongly recommend buying the Vingli reel in the appropriate size. Our cover is 20' x 40'. Taking the time to set it up right per directions & insuring it starts evenly, it now takes less than 5 minutes to retract the cover onto the reel. Vingli includes extra connectors which allowed ne to attach a rope to put the cover on the pool by myself in less than 5 minutes.After 2 weeks there is enough data to strongly recommend the Solar2Solar 1200 clear cover. The last 5 days have had lows near 55 degrees & daytime highs around 80 degrees. Normally this would mean the warmest the pool would be for the last 5 days is 80 degrees, but more likely colder than that. Using the cover, the temperature has held at at just below 90 degrees. My wife is ecstatic with being able to get in the pool anytime she wants.

        Works well

        Seems sturdy. Rolled it up and back few times. Should provide pull cords to help unroll it, but all in all seems like a good investment.

        Rodney Hester
        Strong & Durable

        Very easy to assemble, but make sure you have a drill to tap the screws in. No sag in the middle like some weaker rollers. 100% recommend this item.

        Works well

        Well made, reasonably sturdy, not hard to assemble.

        GJS Los Angeles
        A real find!!

        I'm impressed at the durability of this item. It should last years, save wear and tear on the cover and me! It was well worth the investment