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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 12 reviews
        Amber D.
        Perfect fit for my 1 bedroom apt.

        Easy to assemble, I especially like that they put pilot holes where you assemble it together.

        Glanda Widger
        Small and Convenient

        Very Nice in color and style.

        Updated review.

        This product arrived damaged. I think it was damaged in shipping. My husband was able to fix the broken wood pieces. It came together nicely other than that. The company immediately replyed to my concerns and addressed them quickly.

        Nice and compact but a little shaky.

        Sits nicely against a wall of the kitchen and it's easy to pull out when I need a little more space. The stools are not especially comfortable, and the whole thing shakes a bit if you try to use it as a table. But it solves a couple of problems for kitchens with limited space. Some parts of the assembly were a little difficult.

        Shayleen dayShayleen day
        Compact table

        This table is pretty good. Not as strong as I would have liked it to be but it works and it's compact. Unfortunately, the wheels on the bottom of it broke and came off when I first got it! But it does ok without the wheels

        Not recommended for using

        Looks nice but that's all. A piece to look at, not use, especially if you have children!! Cheap material. Wood split in places during normal assembly. Using for a plant stand now.

        Ryan SmithRyan Smith
        Perfect for price and small spaces!!

        For less than $100 you really can't go wrong with this. I needed it for a fairly small space in our kitchen for my 11 year old to eat his breakfast and for an additional work space during holiday and large meal prep. Works perfect for all I need it for. The directions were a bit confusing, and the corners of the stools are sharp so you definitely need covers but then you can鈥檛 get the stools up under without tucking like we did or removing every time you want to put them away. I am also a bit concerned about how well the stools would hold a full grown person but I guess time will tell. I would enjoy sitting here with a friend or a family member enjoying coffee looking out our window so we will see how they hold up to adults using. All in all super happy with it and I dream of downsizing to a tiny home and no longer up keeping the work and expenses of a massive 3 bedroom home once our two boys venture out on their own and I was thinking this would be perfect for tiny home living!

        Cute little table

        Fairly easy to assemble even with picture only instructions. My 9-yr old son and I put it together while my husband was at work. It's solid wood; not flimsy particle board. I was pleased to see that the wheels do lock in place as well so it only rolls when you want it too. This is a super cute little table/cart and makes a nice addition as an island in my kitchen.

        No One
        I took off the side towel rack holders and presto. Great wooden material too


        Billie Cutts
        Delivery was exceptional.

        This little table is absolutely perfect for my VERY small apartment. It was easily assembled by my caregiver in a very short time. It isn't the least bit flimsy. There isn't room in my apartment for a dining table and chairs and I really had no place where I could eat. My new table is exactly what I've been needing. I'm extremely happy with the company. Contacted them and they responded immediately. There really wasn't a problem. I would recommend the table and the company to anyone with limited space. You'll absolutely love it.