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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 9 reviews
        Safe ladder

        Ladder is very safe to use. My only complaint it is heavy to move. I like that you have the handles on each side to hold on to.

        John Worrell
        Very sturdy ladder

        I bought this to decorate for Christmas, especially to get a lot higher up than last year. Safe and heavily built- should last for many years

        Great side support

        It’s not much heavier than most standard two step models. Cool color. It’s stable with wide full steps, reason for purchase and the side rails are a major plus.

        Perfect! So Glad we found this STEP Ladder!

        Company Customer Service is excellent! Ladder is sturdy and allows me to get higher without reaching and without having to take out a heavy 6' ladder! Hangs on my Garage wall with ease as it is light enigh to lift up to hang it.

        Wonderful, no longer do let let the fear of falling prevent me from doing my own projects!

        I love this ladder. I had a total hip replacement, multiple ear surgeries and I am old. I am safe on this ladder, easy to position and balance. I can carry it all over my property and most importantly I can do the work without feeling like I am taking my life in my hands! I is very well made so I doubt I would ever need to replace it but might buy one that is taller for projects I never thought I could or should tackle!

        Very needed!

        It is so wonderful that I have something to hold on to when up high. I don't get dizzy because I can hold on to the railing. It is a life saver for older persons!

        Karen H.
        So happy I purchased this ladder.

        This ladder is just what I needed. I was looking for a ladder that is easy to manage and that I would feel comfortable on - this ladder turned out to be exactly what I needed. It is super easy to put together - you just screw on the handles. I love that it has handles! It is sturdy and easy to move around. I am so happy with it.

        Very useful...Not as heavy as you'd think

        I was hesitant to buy something this big. The storage of it would be a nightmare. Easy to screw on the handrails, which you can take off if your storage space is limited...but I use them. First time I used it, before I got onto it, it seemed a bit wobbly. As soon as I got on it, it was sturdy. Not as heavy as you'd think. Better than my little Giant Ladder... Easier to move around when not open. Good purchase.

        Great product, outstanding customer service

        This is a nice sturdy step ladder. The hand rails are awesome for added stability. I had a minor issue that customer service jumped on immediately. I have never dealt with such an outstanding customer service department. They deserve 5 stars for the job they did for me. I don't understand why there are any negative comments. Apparently, those people did not contact the company. The company is friendly, eager to help, and is definitely there for the customer! Thank you.