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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 10 reviews
        Excellent file cabinet

        The box was so well packed it could withstand a nuclear war. All kidding aside, my file cabinet arrived in perfect condition. The casters were easy to install and the cabinet fits perfectly in the space. Be aware though, that you need a degree in rocket science to unpack. It was encased in a metal protector frame and it took a few minutes to figure out how to remove it.

        Perfect item

        The cabinet is sturdy and it fits perfectly everywhere in the room. It was also easy installation, I only had to add the wheels.

        Excellent file cabinet.

        Excellent product .. sturdy, well made, it came packaged very well and already put together. Only had to add wheels. I would definitely recommend it and would order it again if needed. It fit perfect in my home office and I put my printer/scanner on top of it.

        Good quality for the price

        This is really a good quality unit for the price. The packaging had an extra metal frame to protect the unit during shipping. The finish paint on the unit is very smooth. Very happy with the purchase.

        Janice MJanice M
        Great quality filling cabinet

        I am so happy with this purchase! It was delivered in perfect condition. I only had to attach the wheels. Simple. The drawers glide really easy. It even comes with a tray for your supplies. Super happy!

        Tyler Berrios
        Easy to assemble, simple directions, high quality

        This product is high quality metal, easy to assemble comes with simple directions, awesome mobility and perfect size. I'm very happy with my purchase considering I paid over $100 for a filing cabinet. I feel I got the best of the best. Highly reccomend. A++

        Jorge Salazar Jr.
        Great product!

        The product itself is worth 5-stars, however, there is a few opportunities for improvement in the handling and logistics aspect worth noting.The product arrived with some minor dents sustained during a rather unusual transit. To elaborate, the product shipped out of California, traveling for two weeks across several states Only to end up back in California, about 30 mins away from the origin facility. Not sure if this was caused by a user error, systemic routing issue, or if this was an intended ship route.

        Tom Ruffolo
        Very Nice, Is what it says it is.. One of the best for Letter size folders (front facing)

        The filing cabinet comes encased in a sacrificial (throw away) metal frame to protect the filing cabinet... took me a little while to figure out that is was not part of the cabinet. Easy to assemble, works like it should... Front facing 8.5x11 filing cabinet... that is a plus and different than most. Meaning you don't have to file your folders sideways. Sturdy, operates nicely.

        Cenla Cathy
        Perfect little filing cabinet

        I ordered two of these to put underneath a side desk. They fit perfectly. They came packaged really well. For those reviewers who mentioned struggling to get the protective frame off - lay it with the drawers facing down (I put it on the cardboard box it came in to keep it from getting scratched). Pull the back half of the frame off. Then flip it over and pull the front half of the frame off. The wheels were the only assembly needed and they were easy to attach. I love that the drawers are silent when opening and closing. Also like the extra wheel on the bottom drawer, which provides stability when that drawer is open. I would order these again in a heartbeat.

        Very Pleased

        Sheerness? Vingli needs to do a better job of providing descriptors that are relevant and applicable to the product. How can a file cabinet be "sheer?" I rated the cabinet as a 5" on that area because I really like this file cabinet.First, the file cabinet comes fully assembled, with the exceptions of screwing on the castors. Encasing the metal file cabinet in a metal frame is genius! The frame was scratched and dinged up during shipping but the file cabinet was perfect.I've never seen better packing and organization of packing materials. There was a printed letter in every single plastic bag that contained the hardware. Nice!The file cabinet is well built, castors were easy to scew on, the drawers slide nicely in and out, and the unit looks nice.The only challenge I had was screwing on the smallest castor wheels in the middle of the cabinet. The drilled holes were a tad too small for the screws. So, I had to ignore the casters and work on enlarging the holes a bit by continually screwing the provided screws into the holes until I got some "bite." Quite a metal shavings on the ground when I was done. Better to have the holes a bit small than too big.I am very pleased with this file cabinet. I highly recommend it.