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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 10 reviews
        Really well made

        Way cheaper price wise than the big name makers but this cooler is just as good or better for a lot less money wise.

        Mike Rapini
        Works great.

        Bought this for when I camp and to keep by the pool. Tested it out right way by putting in 2 18 packs of beer. Put 3 buckets of ice from my fridge. 4 days later, still going strong. Great product. Great price point.

        Yeti killer!!!

        What can't I say about this cooler! First off the price was a big saleing point, I really like yeti and rtic stuff a lot and I have some of they're tumbler cups and love them, but for me I couldn't see myself spending all that much more money for the exact same product if not better puls you cant get this awesome Marine camo color in a yeti or rtic. You get a food basket and a cup holder included, bottle opener on each side, and a pressure release button on it so when it seals you just push the button and it allows you to open the lid with ease, and a ruler on top for all you fisherman like myself out there, what else could you want. I got 4 days of ice with this cooler and that's in the 90's and that's plenty for me. It's air tight with it full of ice and water I picked it up and turned it on all four sides and nothing came out, there's not enough I could say about this great little cooler, even with a food basket you can still fit a 24 pack of 12 ounce cans and have room for ice, if your some one looking for a geat cooler look no further, you will thank yourself later, I'm sure glad I went with this one! Ps. I put this decal on myself kinda as a joke that it's not a yeti, to me it's way better!

        Megan Sager
        Way better than Yeti!

        BEST COOLER EVER!!! I purchased this on a whim and ended up using everyday!!! My fianc and meal prep and take out food with us everywhere and works so well we have never had a problem with food staying cold. We also use it to take food with us and it keep frozen food frozen!! Have already purchased some as gifts and tell everyone about these coolers. I loved this one so much we even purchased the larger one and use it to haul food with us on vacations.

        Careful shopper
        A yeti like cooler without the yeti price

        This cooler rocks. I have been using at the pool and in my car with sweltering heat over 104 degrees and amazed how it retains ice despite the high outside temperatures. The seal is tight so the purge valve helps when emptying the accumulated water. The included basket keeps items dry and cold. The cup holder comes in very handy. The pads on the bottom keeps the cooler in place while driving. My friends are so supprized as I am at the relative low cost and high quality.

        Great ice chest that keeps ice 5-7 days.

        Perfect option with divider/ cutting board and rack. Keeps everything cold and ice for days. Following instructions and preparating the ice chest makes a difference. If you want to compare it to yeti it stacks up great with a much more friendly budget. If you dont load the ice chest the ice will melt quicker due to the air circulation going 5 days vs. the full chest can go to 10 days. You will not be disappointed. Yes we would buy again!

        for $219 this is a great deal, and it does keep ice cold for ...

        I tell ya, for $219 this is a great deal, and it does keep ice cold for days. It is higher quality then I expected. It was this at $200 range or the Yeti/Artics at double the cost, this works just fine, I love the drain as well, very functional, Tip, freeze water bottles and layer them in the bottom. Then a layer of ice -things are solid for 3-4 days. When Ice goes to water, I drain excess, then re-ice, My frozen bottles stayed frozen for 8 days on a 2-week trip. Only negative is, I doubt there will be any customer service if something happens- I have not had an issue, but I am setting my expectations low. Honestly, there is not much to this cooler that can go wrong anyhow.


        This is NOT a cheap nock off! Bells and whistles come standard over sized drain on leash!!! Thicker insulation check product dimensions 3 in vs 2 leading brands all the way around! Holds ice READ Derections!!! Held for the 8 days I was on coast cooler stayed outside this is a AWSOME!!!! Deal steal it while you can

        Robert L. Dawson
        Exceeded my expectations

        I bought the 45 in beige.The gasket is tight. It came with some cool wire-mesh accessories. And, the Yeti security lock system works perfectly. It has two bottle openers on the corners which also serve to reinforce the locking mechanism.I'd buy this all over again. And, I'd recommend it to anybody. This is NOT a poorly constructed knock-off.

        Spartan Tom
        Yeti killer

        Seems to be built like a tank. Kept ice for 4 days in the back of my hot van this summer. Very good looking and cheaper than the competition