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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 14 reviews
        It works!

        It was very easy to assemble. Having said this. It also took quite a bit of time. For me I think it was 7 hours. I also added zip ties that came with it. Although it looks very sturdy. I remind you that any of the cubbies only hold 22lbs. (Recommendation for the manufacturer) I will be using this to store sewing supplies and craft supplies.

        You will love it

        Love it. It's perfect in any room. I needed extra space to put things and this st us perfect . You can use it as part closet or all cubes. sturdy. Love how it comes with extra pieces just in case. No disappointments at all. Thank you.

        very pleased

        So easy to assemble, packaged in appropriate box and bubble wrap~ love that its customizable~ and even tho its plastic, its surprisingly very sturdy. it also had the best price on the market for amount of cubes x space. highly recommend

        Love it!

        Very easy to set up, even came with 2 extras! Will definitely purchase again!

        Sturdy and roomy

        I like this so much I bought another in a different color.

        Love it!! A+A+A+++++++

        I absolutely love this!! Fits all my clothes and then some.. Definitely recommend

        Sally Sue
        Start the foundation correctly. I did mine opposite but still was able to make good use of it!

        Sturdy. Good product. Great storage. Closet.

        Very good unit, lots of configuration options

        Easy to build and plenty of extra parts in case you break or lose something. Very happy with this, excellent value.

        A Erica
        Sturdy and easy to assemble

        Love these! They are super easy to put together and can be assembled in multiple different ways. Originally I had planned to use against the wall to use the dead space at the end of my closet but I unfortunately did not account for the size of the connectors. The space is just shy of 24. But! I decided to use just the middle connectors and attach it to the wall for extra support with coaxial staples. These are small hooks meant to keep cords nailed into carpet that run along the wall. It worked out great! Sturdy and Ill use the extra pieces and connectors somewhere else when I need.

        good value Item and little difficulty

        I use the item to store my small tools and supplies in. It works great and there are SO MANY different configurations you can use when building these. Also Always use the supplied zip ties. it makes things much sturdier. Also some cardboard pieces cut to bin size strengthens the bases inside the bins so you can put heavier items inside with little to no problem. All in all I am very happy with my purchase.