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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 13 reviews
        Deborah Shaut
        Good product

        Easy to assemble

        Susan Burgess
        Good table

        Inexpensive entryway table. Good value.

        Great Console for price

        After researching many views on consoles. I decided to order two of this brand due to price point, dimensions, and look; as I was only purchasing them to display my house plants. Very easy to assemble took about 15mins each. Love them so much, might another one.

        Works OK for what I use it for.

        I use it for behind my living room sofa to extend the sofa further into the room, however, it was not high enough. I used blocks(normally used to elevate the head of a bed) to increase the height by 6 inches, now it works fine. since it is against the wall the blocks do not show.

        Georgianna Belcher
        Very steady

        Love the stand

        Love this little table.

        I was looking for a small thin table for my sunroom to put Orchids on near a window. This piece sits very close to the window. I was worried about water stains so far so good. However, I make sure they are pretty dry before I put them back after watering. It was boxed well and easy to put together. Only bad thing I have to say is that the nuts are silver the frame is black. So after I put it together I sprayed them with black spray paint, you would never know I touched them up.

        Debbie Kirk
        Instructions need some interpretation, but these are great tables

        I'm so glad I got these, they are just perfect! Sturdy, attractive, and inexpensive. I had a slim space available in my office to put plants on, and these work great. Highly recommend!You do need to make sure to lay out all the pieces before you start putting it together, and know exactly which parts are which based on the descriptions in the instructions. Some of the labels came off the little baggies and got jumbled, so I had to remove the two biggest screws from their bags and compare them to know which were the 35mm vs the 30mm (which may be what tripped up those who ended up punching holes through the top piece). Definitely screw everything in by hand, that was more than sufficient to make them sturdy.There were also a few incorrect instructions in my packet, like where said to use both A and C screws for the crossbars (when you only use C), and where they said to make sure to install the supporting bars 3 and 4 with screw holes up (when one doesn't even have screw holes). And then they forget altogether to remind you to make sure you install the side supports with the screw holes facing the same direction, or you'll end up having to reinstall one side so you can attached the crossbars (like I did).Additionally, I decided to install the screw/nut in the center of the crossbars opposite the way the instructions show, so that the end of the screw faces the wall. Other than that, it took about 45 minutes to put them both together (I got two tables).

        Simplicity = Elegance

        Love. This. Table. I was skeptical at first because of the mixed reviews but I'm happy I took the chance. Simple table adds a certain elegance along with the Japanese lantern as the centerpiece. Only 15 minutes to assemble

        Easy to build. Sturdy

        Easy to build. Sturdy. Looks good.

        The Countess
        I bought 3!

        I love these tables. I started with 1 for plants along a window, and ended up buying three of them to line the wall. Attractive, sturdy, WATERPROOF. The only thing keeping it from 5 stars is assembly. It's easy, but all three are slightly off. The last screw just does not line up, or the cross bars are to far off to screw together, or the feet don't screw all the way into the legs. None of this is major, but annoying, and needing some extra effort/adjustment/craftiness.