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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 12 reviews
        Customer service

        I appreciate their customer service and will purchase again in the future.

        Chandra Goodman
        Easy to assemble

        Easy to build and take apart.

        Serious Shopper

        I had bought this for my daughters closet and now it is less cluttered. So, I bought this for my closet and only one bent and broke during construction. Sturdiness is great. I’m using it for clothes. There are parts of the metal that snag clothes and is not a smooth finish like a similar brand I had bought. You get what you pay. I just put a cloth on before I lay my clothes on.

        Kiwi Kiwi
        I'm happy

        I like ot it's kinda tricky to put together because if you dont do it right the circle were they meet will not click and it will! Fall apart so take your time make sure you push them together your hands will hurt if your a women like myself but will pay off it's pretty wobbly still if you can see by the pictures I have it chilling with no wall to hold and I'm pretty damn sure if someone were to just push it lightly it will collapse lol. I would say good to hold light stuff (:unless you can re enforce it with something better!

        T C
        Versatile storage unit

        I’ve added these to an existing set I had. Easy setup and stronger than advertised. I do recommend buying an extra set of the clips as they do break over time.

        Not just for storage

        I’m pleasantly surprised by this item.I managed to build a cage for one of my bunnies and I have leftover pieces to build a condo for the other bunny!All in all all the wire parts are in perfect shape with no imperfections!Mega thumb up


        Wow, this is the most complete kit I have bought, I did not realize that they were so small. Which was my fault! I did not check the size. I bought 2 of these kits. For my first project it was perfect! It came with zip ties, wire connectors , a great hammer, and foot connectors and plastics inserts. These were perfect for organizing the closet! I needed the bigger ones for the other project but I can still use these for something else. The price was outstanding too! They were easy to put together. I highly recommend these!

        Robert J.
        Great storage systems

        I thought this system was well designed. It's very sturdy (using the zip ties provided) and supports allot of weight. It's easy to put together, but just takes time as there's many pieces. I highly recommend using the zip ties to secure the wire structure at the joints. I would have liked to see different types of connectors for use based on their position in the structure. Every connector has slots to join 4 wire frames, but connectors to join 3 wire frames for the sides and connectors to join corners with 2 wire frames would have been better. I thought the value of the product to be very reasonable.

        pat hayes
        Good product

        Worked perfect to make laundry shelves in my laundry room

        Daddy TnT
        Good deal for the size.

        Seems pretty solid. I zip tie in addition to using the connectors.Pros: Seems solid. Big. Comes with a wood malletCons: Doesn't put itself together Comes with a wood mallet - my 8yr old son has run off with it Not weight the end I'm ordering another that is the best review I can give.