For many who celebrate, the Christmas tree is the centerpiece of the holiday season. We’ve all got different ceremonies for lighting it, traditions for decorating it, and rituals for perfectly wrapped presents beneath its branches. We’re quite tempted by the idea of faux trees ourselves, which also lend themselves to more options than real ones, in our opinion. Here are the 5 best artificial Christmas trees for any home, any style, any budget. Plus, it’s a one-time expense, rather than an annual one.


1. Holiday Time 7.5ft Snow-Flocked Pine Artificial Christmas Tree, $129.99
    Height: 7.5 feet | 6 feet

At 7.5 feet high and almost 4.3 feet across, the tree is generously proportioned; it’ll fill the corner of almost any living room. Offering nearly 1450 lifelike branch tips surrounding a core clad with “pine needles,” it creates a more convincing illusion of a living tree. Half of the decorating is already done with this snowy-covered tree. Add a handful of ornaments and you’re all set for the season. (For smaller homes, we recommend the 6-foot version.)

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2. Home Accents 6ft Flocked Snowy Pine Cone Artificial Christmas Tree, $72.99
    Height: 6 feet | 7 feet | 5.5 feet

Conjuring images of snow-blanketed forests and sharply dressed snowmen, this flocked Christmas tree is every bit as festive as their plain green Christmas tree cousins– just with a modern twist. Not only does it look like it’s just been pulled indoors from the cold, but this frosted Xmas tree also includes pre-attached pine cones for a festive finishing flourish. To transform your living room into a picturesque winter wonderland,  this Christmas tree is definitely not to be missed.

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3. New Bright Spot 6ft LED Birch Christmas Tree, $69.99
    Height: 6 feet

This LED Birch Tree is definitely a new bright spot in home decorating for Christmas night. A delicate option, this set of sleek faux birch trees is a work of art covered in LED lights. Minimalist or not, you're bound to be tempted. Add beautiful lighting to your home tonight!

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4. Classical 6ft Artificial Christmas Tree, $58.99
Height: 6 feet | 5.5 feet

Six feet for under $60? Yes, please. It goes without saying that this lightweight, 1,200-tip artificial tree is a mega-steal. The Christmas tree is lush and filled out, plus it’s extremely light to carry (no more lugging a tree from a farm) and simple to set up. In any case, it’s superior in shape, fullness, and—most importantly—price.

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5. Unique Look 6ft Pink Christmas Tree, $72.99
Height: 6 feet | 7.5 feet

If green just isn’t your color, maybe this bubblegum pink tree will tickle your fancy. With fluffy branches and a cotton candy hue, there’s no sweeter, more striking tree. Do you know that it goes well with this holiday’s traditional colors? Try green, red for a unique Christmas look, or silver, gold and black for a luxurious look. Or go for a fun balloon theme. Anyway, just do it.

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