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        Portable Toilets & Showers

        What makes portable toilets so useful? The fact that it is easily moved around with little hassle is the main attraction. Therefore, the size and weight of toilets is a major consideration. Usually, the more gallons it can hold, the bigger the size. Consider if you need more capacity as this will be accompanied by a bigger size portable toilet.

        Possessing your own best portable toilet can be a huge convenience when you are camping, especially if you like to camp in remote areas that are likely to have no amenities available. Regardless of where you are camping, or if you are in an RV or a tent, it is essential that you have access to some form of toilet facilities. If you have your own portable toilet you are assured of the convenience of a toilet no matter where you are, even if you are travelling, and you can be safe in the knowledge that it is clean and sanitary.

        The choice of the portable toilet that is best for your camping needs is a very personal one, again depending on the level of sophistication that you want and the size and weight of the unit that you are able to carry. There are many collapsible portable toilets, as mentioned above, that are very convenient and simple to assemble and clean.

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