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        Telescoping Ladders

        Telescoping ladder, commonly used to refer to a hybrid between a step ladder and an extension ladder with 360-degree hinges; Telescoping ladders has three parts and can be taken apart to form two step ladders. 2 release buttons on buttons on each rung. It won’t fall unless you push the button with your finger; Extension to the height you need is not a hassle at all.

        The spring locking pin system allows the Telescoping ladder keep stable, no shake, no curve; Lifting the locking bar to expend the angle up to 180 degree as a telescoping straight ladder for your need. Double grip handles on every rung guarantee your hands in right position to avoid pinching. Unique Extend and Locking Mechanism with Thumb Buttons Clicks Smoot.

        LUISLADDERS telescoping ladder, Made of aluminum. The homeowner, or the handyman, having a telescoping ladder is truly essential. Telescopic extension ladders are portable, expandable, flexible, aluminum alloy ladders designed for domestic and professional use. They are compact and easy to carry, but still, offer the heights you require. Telescoping ladder also lightweight and compact size, easy to transport and store; a heavy duty closure strap secures the ladder firmly, easy to carry it with one hand.

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