Zero Gravity Chairs

The design of the zero gravity chair allows you to recline back 135 to 180 degrees, achieving the position of zero gravity. When you recline back the chair places you in a near lying position just like we see the astronaut's in the space shuttle. When lying in this Astronaut-like position the effect of gravity is more evenly spread out across your entire body rather than focused in one major area. A zero gravity chair is a highly adjustable chair that is designed to support the human body extremely well, creating a sense of weightlessness and comfort. As with other pieces of ergonomic and specially designed furniture, it must be carefully adjusted to be effective, and it is possible for the chair to be poorly adjusted, resulting in discomfort to the sitter.

Some of the reasons that you should have a zero gravity chair would be that maybe the chairs will give you the comfort that you are looking for. One of the many reasons that people like to use a zero gravity chair would be for the comfort and the feeling like they are on a soft cloud when they sit in the zero gravity chair. The second reason would be that these chairs help to reduce pressure on your back which is a huge bonus for people that suffer with back pain. Most zero gravity chair are designed to be set in a variety of positions. Users can recline at several angles, sit upright to work, or even lean forward to focus on various projects. In all of these positions, the settings of the chair are intended to support the weight of the body, reducing pressure on the spine and ribcage and keeping the sitter in a state of comfort. By reducing pressure on the body, the chair can also be helpful for people with back pain or other physical discomfort.

Vingli zero gravity chair use durable textile fabrics, combined with a strong lightweight steel tube frame, making you feel more comfortable. You can lock the knobs on both sides of the chair to keep it at the angle you want. The bottom tube has a non-slip design to prevent it from sliding, which is safe and stable. As a general rule, a zero gravity chair features several movable parts that can be adjusted with levers or knobs, and many have locks or memory settings to ensure that the settings of the user are not lost. Folding design makes the chair easy to transport and store, which is very suitable for camping, beachside, swimming pool or beauty salon and foot massage office.

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