Wall mirror are typically a given in bathrooms, but they're often overlooked when designing the rest of a home. The right wall mirror can add functionality and elegance to any room, supplying the perfect balance of usefulness and aesthetics. Mirrors have many positive traits such as they reflect the light, this is extremely useful when it comes to decorating your home. The reflective quantities of wall mirror are able to transform the overall appearance of a room giving it a whole new look. Whilst wall mirror come in many shapes and sizes from the traditional rectangular shape to the more abstract heart shape, round mirrors.

Whether you're looking for alternatives to traditional framed art, wish to double the natural light in a particular room or want to create the illusion of a larger space, wall mirror is the way to go. A single mirror used by itself can create an attractive feature, especially if it has an ornate frame. The full length wall mirror should be used in a similar manner to other decorative wall items such as paintings and pictures. The curved lines of a round wall mirror are softer than traditional rectangular lines and can help to focus on a particular area without overpowering your current space. Another fantastic use of a wall mirror is to bring some additional light into a dark lit room. A wall mirror is able to reflect light back and then project it around your living space. When choosing where to position your wall mirror look for sources of light in the room whether it be a lamp, window or an open doorway and then hang your wall mirror directly opposite the light source, this will allow the wall mirror to reflect the light beautifully.

When you don't necessarily want to add more color, patterns or imagery but feel like a room is still missing something, wall mirror is the ideal solution. Not only will it add dimension and create the illusion of more space, but a wall mirror can also amplify light, brightening up even the gloomiest areas. But what size and shape should you use? Where should you place a wall mirror, and how do you decide on a frame style? If you appreciate simplistic yet sharp interior design as much as the team at Parachute, you've come to the right place. Before purchasing the first wall mirror you see and hanging it on the back of your bedroom door, take a look at your sleeping quarters.

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