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        Based on 1819 reviews
        Great fence, few catches on install.

        This fence looks great when it is installed properly. Do yourself a favor, don't use a pistol style hammer drill.

        Best value I've found.

        I'm very pleased with the value and the construction. Like the other reviews indicated, the instructions are terrible, but it's not difficult to figure out. Compared to the other products offered and the prices for those products, I'd definitely buy again.


        I love it, everything in there place, looks beautiful, bright blue, I only hope it doesn't fade.

        Its alright

        Its a product that looks great.

        Very good product at a reasonable price

        Exact replacement for the Pentar and Hayward large canisters I had before. The handle broke on my Hayward and I couldn't see through the Pentair. It was cloudy. Quality seems to be very good.

        Awesome pool

        This is a great quality pool for family of three or four and highly recommend it

        Good Buy for Square Pool

        This will do what is needed for the pool cleaning. If you have alot of curves in your pool you many not like the product and it does get stuck in the curves of our pool. Overall we are happy with the cleaner, but will definitely upgrade to a better model in the near future.

        Heats pool! Good value. Would buy again

        Seems to heat our 13 ft pool well! Easy to install (comes with instructions too!) Had a neighbor help.Weather has been 80 to 90 degrees. We used a solar pool cover wth the Vingli solar pool heater and water has stayed warm! Would buy again!


        Was pleasantly surprised. Materials and build quality are very good. Assembly is simple

        Order the gel before the unit

        Used as pool sweeper collection canister. Clear shell so you can see when to empty.

        Great Hose.

        I haven't had any issues with it. It's working great.

        Cheapest gate available

        This is the cheapest gate I could find. Doesn't have an auto close feature, but this gate is over cheaper than other gates.

        Great system for a reasonable price.

        This is very sturdy and I like that the turning wheel is high enough I dont have to stoop to roll up my pool cover. I just bend at the waist. I like the large wheels and I can steer the unit away from my pool while cleaning.


        It was perfect for about a month and a half... until a wild animal got in it and ripped it to shreds trying to get out. I wouldn't be so upset if it didn't cost so much. :( I really loved this thing too.

        Top of the line!

        Best one! So I have ordered three previously. The tall blue one, the brown one, and the low blue rectangular one. All have failed. The quality of this far surpasses the others. The fact that the tubing is stainless steel is the game changer. I was a little concerned because the corners were not tight, but the overall construction reinforces itself!

        very sturdy

        This pool toy storage unit seems like a good idea but the wheels are not made for dragging around a pool deck to pick up toys.

        A Must Have For Your Pool

        This is a GREAT option for your pool vacuum! It saves a BUNCH of time by not having to turn off the pool pump and removing the filter from the pump

        Thick and durable! Worth the price

        very happy that I made this decision.. this pool surpassed my expectations and more.. right of the box I could tell that it was made to last.

        Works good considering this Ohio weather

        Helps more then no heater at all . Think it would take 2 for for a good heating. But over-all , good product .

        Pool cleaner

        This came tonin mail I put it together added to my pool. Had one issue contact the seller was able to correct with them. Everything is up and going when it wears out Ill be happy to buy again. I love the color it matvhes my pool blue.

        Latch is a little flimsy. Otherwise works good

        We are using it for pool fence. The fence is great. The gate needs a better latch and an extra latch positioned up higher.

        Passed pool code.

        Made the yard safe for the kids. Plus the customer loved the look of it.


        Arrived early. Easy to assemble. Just follow the pictures. No words required. If you have assembled kids' toys over the years, then this is a piece of cake. Pool cover rolls up pretty straight. Just crank slow and shift the whole unit an inch or so towards you, or away from you, if the cover starts to go on a little crooked.

        Nice reel

        This was as easy to assemble as any assembly required furniture. I put it together myself in about two hours.

        Great Concept

        It went well! Its very lightweight and the strong wind will move it even with the casters locked so we had to use a bungee cord tied to our fence picket!