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        In a lot of instances camping can be an adventure and very enjoyable. When it comes to packing up the campsite and cleaning the gear for the next camping trip it is not nearly as enjoyable and at times can be a chore. When most of us pack up our gear we tend to be in a hurry and do not take the time to properly clean the camping tent gear while at the camp site.

        The item to be done is to store the tent away until the next camping adventure. Hopefully the next camping adventure is only a short time away, but in case it isn't you should store the tent in a dry location away from heat sources, rain or other moisture as well as direct sunlight. If the outdoor canopy tent is not stored in a location away from heat sources, the tent material cold become brittle reducing the life of the tent. Likewise storing the tent in rain or other moist locations could result in the growth of mold or mildew making it a potential health concern and again possibly reducing the life of the tent. If you thought it was a chore to clean the tent after a camping trip the removal of mold and/or mildew will be a job far worse. Storing a tent in direct sunlight will result in the fading of the tent colors and may over a long period.

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