Beekeeping Supplies

Honey extractors are mechanical devices used for honey extraction during honey harvest. The main advantage of a best honey extractor is the extraction of honey without destroying the honey comb. A lot of the advantages of owning a honey extractor are geared towards increasing the speed and yield of honey production.

Beekeeping honey extractors work by the principle of centrifugal force. A frame with honey spins in the extractor drum so that the honey flings out. The chamber spins at high speeds causing the honey to be flung out the honey comb and flows down the chamber walls where it's collected at the bottom of the extraction chamber. It is then tapped out filtered and bottled. After honey extraction the honey comb remains intact in the extraction chamber and hence this can be further used in the beehive.

After extraction you will find a thin film of honey left on the frames which should be removed and put back in the hives. Putting this left over back into the hives should be done in the early morning or late evening which is the time where the bees will take this treat aggressively. Avoid doing this when food is scarce, since other foraging bees from another nearby colony will rob the honey.

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