Bathroom Cabinets

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Showing 1-14 of 14 Results

Bathroom cabinets provide a stylish and functional way to keep toiletries, spare loo roll and much more hidden away from view, Fitting a stylish bathroom cabinet means you can hide toiletries and beauty products, which will keep surfaces clear, and therefore ensuring your bathroom remains tranquil, clutter free and super organised – the best way to create a relaxing retreat! The bathroom is more than just a place to get ready on busy weekday mornings, it’s also a space where you can escape to after a long day, and if every spare inch is covered in clutter, you can forget about trying to enjoy a relaxing soak or pamper session. 

So, now that we’ve convinced you that a cabinet is a great bathroom storage idea, we’ll explain how to choose the best one to suit your requirements and the style of your bathroom. How to choose a bathroom cabinet? When choosing a new bathroom cabinet there are a few things you should take into consideration first, such as the size and style of your bathroom, as well as your storage requirements – this will make it easier to select the best one. It’s important that your cabinet is both stylish and functional. Cabinets come in a range of sizes and styles to suit any bathroom, small or large. You can also choose between wall mounted bathroom cabinets, mirrored cabinets and tall bathroom cabinets, so there’s certainly something to perfectly suit your bathroom or en-suite.

The best place to position a wall mounted bathroom cabinet is above the basin, providing there’s enough space or no window of course. A cabinet above the basin ensures your toiletries are kept within easy reach. If this isn’t possible in your bathroom, you could try placing it in various positions around the room to see what would work best, but wherever you decide, just make sure the cabinet door can fully open and it’s not in direct contact with water. The best position for freestanding bathroom cabinets, will depend upon the size and layout of your bathroom. A matching vanity unit and cabinet look great fitted next to each other, but if this isn’t possible, positioning one against a wall where there’s enough space can work well.

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