Safety Gate

A baby gate or a stair gate is a great solution. It means your little one can happily explore while you have the peace of mind of knowing they can’t get anywhere that’s out of bounds. The bottom and top of the stairs are perfect places for baby gates, as well as any other spaces you want to make off-limits. So, which is the best stair gate or baby gate? It all depends on where you’re going to put it. At Vingli, we have chosen to sell two different types of safety gates because different requirements need different kinds of safety gates. It makes a difference whether the safety gate is to be used to block a door, the end of a staircase, to divide a room or to prevent a child from touching a wood burning stove. This is why we have two different kinds of safety gates - we want to be sure that there is one for your specific requirements and we want the safety gate to offer the ideal level of protection for your child.

First, A pressure-mounted gate is simple to install. All you need to do is put it between a door frame or between two walls at the bottom of the stairs (depending on the layout of your stairs). Then you simply rely on the pressure to keep it in place. As well as being easy to install, you can also move this type of baby gate around your home as and when you need to. It’s also a good choice if you’re renting as you won’t need to drill any holes in the walls – although you might need to watch out for any paint peeling off when you move it. But that’s just a simple fix.

Second, Wall mounted safety gates, with these safety gates, you will be installing a wall mounted safety gate using screws into a wall or door frame - thus the name, ‘wall mounted’. Wall mounted safety gates can in principle be used anywhere in a home, but they are particularly well suited for the top of the stairs, for use as room dividers or to prevent access to a wood burning stove or a fireplace. We recommend that you should always choose a wall mounted safety gate if you are installing it at the top of the stairs. We believe that this is the safest choice, even though pressure mounted safety gates have also been approved for use at the top of stairs.Wall-mounted gates are anchored to the walls with screws or brackets, providing extra security and sturdy protection. This means they’re a good option for the top of the stairs or anywhere a dangerous fall may occur. A wall-mounted gate will require some tools and a little drilling, but they’re super-simple to install.