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        Grow Tents

        Picking the right Grow Tents is very important for your garden’s potential. Vingli presents you the best selection of high quality reflective Grow Tents and Grow Tent kits which are appropriate for all style of Growing whether you utilize soil, a hydroponic framework even an aeroponic Grow setup.

        Grow Tents are very easy to organize and give your ability to control your garden’s environment better than open-air grow rooms. There are lot of benefits of using Grow Tents for Growing like it control the temperature and humidity of your indoor growing system. It is easy to setup and able to protect your plant from getting damaged.  

        CoolGrows Mylar Grow Tents with heavy-duty zippers with black lining and double stitching for light protection ensure durability and long-lasting use. lined with highly light-proof and tear-proof reflective Mylar film, which returns up to 93-97% of your grow bulbs’ light back to your plants. Increase your plants without adding to your energy bill. Help you better watch the daily growth of your plants.

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