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        How To Keep Your Awning In Tip Top Shape All Year?

        How To Keep Your Awning In Tip Top Shape All Year?

        Remember the awesome awning we recommended to you last month? If you missed the awning recommendation, you can check it out here: Wonderful Outdoor Shade Ideas for Your Home.

        Whether you've purchased an awning, or are considering buying one, you need to know how to take care of it to make it last longer. Regular maintenance and cleaning increase the shelf life of the awnings. Like all furniture in your home, you need to take good care of it and keep it in great shape.

        If you want your awning to maintain their good condition and colors all year, follow these dos and don’ts of awning care.

        1. Regular Cleaning
        To maintain the quality of your awnings, we recommend that you clean it regularly at least once a month. Regular cleaning will keep it from being decimated by weathering and outside factors like animals or falling/moving debris, leaving the entire awning looking spic and span without a spec of dirt.
        Here's a quick cleaning guide to help you:

        • Brush off all loose debris with a brush, broom, or paper towel
        • Rinse off dust, debris and cobwebs with a garden hose
        • Clear up stains with a solution of dish soap and water

        Take note that you should not use bleach or chemical cleaners with harsh formulations when cleaning your awning fabric. Such cleaning solutions can easily destroy the fabric’s integrity and degrade its resistance to certain elements like mold and mildew.

        2. Clean The Stain Immediately
        Things like oil, rust, paint, bird droppings and tree sap can damage the awnings in the long run. The last thing you want is an unsightly stain on your awning. So, clean up a stain as soon as you spot one. This stops it from setting in too deep and hence too stubborn to remove.

        3. Allow To Dry Before Retracting Or Removing
        One of the biggest awning care mistakes is not letting the awning dry after it has rained, snowed or cleaned. Because the wet conditions cause mildew growth that can reduce the shelf life drastically and you certainly don’t want that. If you can, allow the fabric and other pieces to become completely dry before retracting any part of your awning. Also be sure that there isn’t any pooled water on your awning’s fabrics to avoid hard water stains and other unsightly messes.

        4. Watch Out For Bad Weather
        Don't forget the destructive power of storms on retractable awnings. Retracting your awning from inclement weather in a timely manner will effectively protect your awning and make it last a really long time.

        5. Don't Forget The Frame
        Don't ignore your awning frame just because it still looks excellent and seems like it’s functioning well. The frame can get damaged without your knowledge. Therefore, you need to regularly inspect the frame of the awning. Doing this will make you aware of hidden or small damages that may need fixing, and it's important to avoid malfunctions and accidents.

        Final Thoughts
        Awnings are great providers of shade and can be used all year round. They are extremely beneficial, so it is great to invest in them for your home or for your business’s brick-and-mortar location. And you should know how to clean it properly. We here at the VINGLI hope you’ve found this blog to be helpful. 
        If you want to install an awning on your property, then VINGLI is ready to help you. Click here to learn more about VINGLI Awnings now.

        If you need further advice, please feel free to contact us.

        Hey Guys, Outdoor Patio Coolers You Need are Right Here!

        Hey Guys, Outdoor Patio Coolers You Need are Right Here!

        Is there anything better than being outside on a hot summer day with a nice cool drink in your hand? For me, the answer is no. One way I ensure my drinks are always cold and available is by using the VINGLI Outdoor Patio Coolers.

        VINGLI designs their outdoor patio coolers with not only build quality, ice retention and storage space in mind, but also with furniture style in mind. They blend in nicely with patio furniture and look much better than a freezer. Come with wheels for easy mobility, making them perfect for any outdoor setting, whether it's a backyard barbecue, a picnic, or even the beach.

        We are going to share our tops picks and give you some tips for choosing the right one for your needs.

        1. Editor's Pick: VINGLI Portable Rolling Cooler Cart

        This VINGLI cooler cart has a beautiful contemporary style that blends well with garden and patio furniture. Its high quality construction, large capacity and affordable price make it our top pick.

        With its 20-gallon capacity, you can fit 96 cans inside, not to mention plenty of ice to keep everything chilled. Thanks to the 360-degree wheels, you can still easily move it yourself, even if it's full of drinks. Extra storage space is provided in the form of a bottom shelf. You also get a built-in bottle opener and a cap catch bin below it.

        The best part about the VINGLI is how good the cooler is. Drinks can stay cool for 48 hours and stay warm for 8 hours. This makes it one of the best bar carts for warmer climates and pool decks.

        Check Price here: VINGLI 80 Quart Portable Rolling Cooler


        2. Best For Backyard Parties: VINGLI Wicker Rattan Rolling Cooler Cart

        If you are looking for a rolling cooler style design to add value to your home decor, this VINGLI Wicker Rattan Rolling Cooler is a great choice.

        It has a large cooler chest that can easily hold up to 96 aluminum cans. Keep cool for 48hrs and keep warm for 8hrs. The exquisite design with bottle opener and bottle cap catcher on the side takes into account the practical needs of life and makes it easier to use. The lower shelf provides extra storage and stabilizes the cart to keep it from wobbling. Four caster wheels nsure easy mobility, making it perfect for any outdoor and indoor environment.

        Check Price here: VINGLI 80 Quart Wicker Rattan Rolling Cooler Cart


        3. Best for Fun: VINGLI Rolling Cooler with Foosball Table Top

        How fun would it be to be able to play foosball and keep your drinks icy cold by the pool? This VINGLI patio cooler with foosball table top does just that. It wonderfully combines an efficient cooling system with an entertainment unit for adding fun.

        The cooler has a classic red body with a 17-gallon capacity that can easily hold up to 80 cans and keep them cool for 30 hours. Equally equipped with a bottle opener and bottle cap catcher, opening the beer is simple and easy.

        What really sets this design apart is the value it adds by providing a game for your friends and family to enjoy. Foosball is a great family classic that never gets old. My only concern with this foosball cooler is, what happens if there’s a close game and someone needs a drink? Who has priority, the gamers or the drinkers? There's only one way to find out - get the VINGLI 68 Quart Rolling Ice Chest on Wheels with Foosball Table Top and have some poolside fun!

        Check Price here: VINGLI 68 Quart Rolling Cooler with Bassball Table Top


        If these recommended rolling coolers above don't impress you, then click here to go to our VINGLI Wagon Coolers Series page. More choices are waiting for you.

        Why You Need A Telescopic Ladder?

        Why You Need A Telescopic Ladder?

        When you are ready to redecorate your child's room, or need to install a new dining room light fixture, or display your art collection on a large loft wall, in the living room or along the stairs, you will need a ladder. A ladder is a great piece of equipment that help you complete tasks at height safely and efficiently.

        But did you know that telescopic ladders are now more popular with the public than the traditional ladders on the market? This is because telescopic ladders are a more versatile, portable and convenient form of traditional ladders. As opposed to a typical adjustable ladder or extension ladder, telescopic ladders use patented technology to extend and lock by the foot to a user’s desired height, making them extremely versatile. Another major advantage of telescoping ladders is that they can be easily stored. They are fold up small enough to fit in the trunk of a car.

        There are a range of telescopic ladders available on the market, but if you’re looking for the best telescopic for your needs at an affordable price, look no further than VINGLI. We offer many types available depending on whether you need a ladder for home or professional use. Not sure if a telescopic ladder is the right option for you? Let’s take a look at a few benefits to them so you can be sure it is the right ladder for you.

        1) Can be stored anywhere
        Telescopic ladders have the ability to fold down small and be extremely compact. Some of the versions we offer fold up to just 26 inches, which means that they are easy to store in any space, from a cupboard in your home to the boot of your car for on the move. You can eliminate the difficulty of where to store your bulky old ladder that may be taking up floor or hanging space in your garage or shed.

        2) Can be easily transported on the job
        Thanks to their lightweight design, they can be easily moved around the home or job site. Our VINGLI telescopic ladders range in weight from 9.9 lbs. to 29 lbs. depending on the model in the Home or Professional series. Their light weight, combined with their compact size, makes them easy to move from job to job.

        3) Can be adjusted to the exact right height you need
        Whether you’re trying to change a lightbulb, paint a ceiling, or clean out gutters, a telescopic ladder is easy to extend and lock by the foot, so you can set it to the height that is best for the task you are working on.

        4) Can do any job a normal ladder can
        It can handle nearly every common task for a traditional ladder. You don't need to get a ladder for each individual task as a telescopic ladder is multi-purpose and can effectivrely can do it all. Its collapsible design gives it a strong advantage over many alternatives. Durable enough to withstand the sameheavy-duty action that a traditional extension or adjustable ladder endures.

        5) With safety features
        VINGLI's telescopic ladders are made of strong and lightweight aluminum. All models are designed to be extremely easy to use and specifically designed for safety. We have added anti-slip rubber feet to grip the ground and specially shaped ladders to improve friction. We've also installed an anti-pinch system to protect your fingers.
        (More information on how to use the telescopic ladder safely will follow in a subsequent blog for interested enthusiasts).

        If you need to use a telescopic ladder but don't have one, or the one you have is in need of replacing, we have a quality range of various telescopic ladder types that will ensure you can get the job done. Don’t miss out on our unbeatable deals on high quality telescopic ladders today.

        You can browse our full collection here: VINGLI Telescopic Ladders

        Is Your Fenced Pool Ready?

        Is Your Fenced Pool Ready?

        Summer is in full swing, and that means an entire afternoon of fun and relaxation for those lucky enough to have a pool. However, don't forget about swimming pool safety when you're jumping into the water with enthusiasm. In fact, pool drowning is a real problem and the number one cause of death for children under 5.

        Don’t worry, there is an easy way to protect your family with our top ratings and reviews - Pool Fence. A swimming pool safety fence can protect your family, especially small children and pets, from accidentally entering the water and putting themselves in danger. If you haven't already done so, be sure to properly install a fence around your swimming pool.


        How to Choose a Good Pool Fence?

        Here are five main factors to consider when choosing a pool fence.

        The pool fence must be tall enough to prevent pets and small children from breaching into the fence. In fact, some states require homeowners to secure their pools with tall fencing if they have children under the age of six. In Arizona, state laws require a minimum non-climbable exterior height of 4 feet. This severs as a guideline for property owners to follow when working on pool safety and minimizing liability.

        The material of your pool fence can have a major impact on the security of your pool enclosure. Fences need to be made of sturdy materials that are strong enough to resist wind, rain, corrosion and rust. The mesh should also be tough, tear-resistant, and ensure no children or pets can climb up and over it.

        The most popular looks come from black mesh fences because of their traditional look. The black mesh fence is also very transparent, so you can preserve the view from your home. It's also safer because the mesh makes it harder for kids to get out of your sight when inside the pool, and you can quickly identify if someone is in inside.

        Ease of Takedown/Storage
        There’s a good chance that you aren’t going to use the fence 24/7. Perhaps you just want it set up for certain seasons, while you have family visiting, and so on. If that’s the case, you don’t want it to be a hassle each time you have to drag it out and set it up, and it won't take up too much space in your garage, shed, or closet.

        How much are you willing to spend on a good pool fence? It’s important that you figure out a budget for yourself beforehand so you don’t accidentally spend more than you wanted to.


        Our Recommendation: VINGLI Pool Fence

        What should a great pool fence look like? Just like the VINGLI Pool Fence for in-ground pools! This is one of the best-rated affordable models out there due to its simplistic yet effective design that will last through countless summers!

        Each section of this VINGLI pool fence is 12 feet long and 4 feet high, giving your pool 3 different total lengths of 12 Ft / 48 Ft / 96 Ft. This makes it incredibly versatile so no matter what shape your pool is, it will work for you.

        It's also easy to store because it can be rolled up! It's a great option if you have an event with kids, but usually don't have kids around.

        Even if you decide to use it on a daily basis, it is sure to stay in good shape. Made from premium aluminum and mesh 1000D Textilene fabric, it's durable enough to withstand rain, wind, and more! Not only that, but it doesn't crack or weaken, keeping it pristine for years.

        It is solid black and is a stylish and timeless style in any other setting. Black mesh fencing requires less cleaning and maintenance than lighter colors because the darker shade hides dirt so you don't have to worry about it being an eyesore.

        More importantly, the price is where this VINGLI pool fence really shines. You will definitely get your money's worth.

        Learn More: VINGLI Swimming Pool Fence



        Remember, swimming pools should just be about fun and relaxation and should never bring you any worry or concern. That’s what a pool fence will eliminate! Whether you have little ones around, pets, or simply want the peace of mind that nothing that shouldn’t be in the pool will make its way in, you need a VINGLI pool fence.

        Hope our guide can help you.


        Create A Cozy Patio and Garden

        Create A Cozy Patio and Garden

        After long, cold winters, we love spending every minute outdoors as much as possible. With the help of some gorgeous accessories and furniture, a cozy garden can truly be an extension of your living space.

        Whether you have a tiny patio or a sprawling garden, there are plenty of ways to make it comfortable. So read on for this season's cozy patio and garden ideas to try in your own space. From colorful tile design tips to minimalist dining nooks, you're sure to find a look you love from this combination.

        1. Add A Wishing Well

        If you want to add charm to your garden or yard, look into the wishing well plan. Placing an elegant wishing well in the middle of the yard as an ornament or as a planter in the garden can create an appealing focal point and add endless fun and whimsy. With such a cool wishing well, who wouldn’t want one?
        Related: VINGLI Wooden Wishing Well Flower Planter


        2. Install A Retractable Awning

        There are plenty of possible shade options you can invite into your backyard to keep the sun from beaming down on you too harshly. If you don’t have time to plant trees or invest in a garden gazebo, a retractable awning may be your better bet. The main perk is the flexibility to adjust sun exposure at any time, creating ample coverage for a picnic or a lazy day outdoors.
        Related: VINGLI Patio Retractable Awning Canopy


        3. Hang A Swing

        Nothing quite beats the romance of a swing. Hang the swing in the shade of a large tree and add cushions or pillows for comfort. Hold your sweetheart in one hand and your cold drink in the other, kick off your shoes, and swing. Or snuggle. Talk until the fireflies come out and the kids ask “What’s for dinner?” Enjoy a nice afternoon.
        Related: VINGLI Upgraded Patio Wooden Porch Swing Chair


        4. Place Patio Conversation Furniture

        Do you want to entertain large groups in your garden? The possibilities for a backyard oasis are endless with patio conversation sets. A spacious table and some comfy chairs provide multiple family seating for meetings or intimate conversations, making the basic stone patio quickly become a second family room. When complemented with the right conversation furniture, even small spaces such as balconies and pocket gardens will beckon you outside.
        Related: VINGLI 4 PCS Patio Conversation Furniture Sets


        5. Create A Breakfast Nook

        Set up a colorful bistro table and two chairs on the patio or deck up close to your house. Got a little balcony? Even better. You’ll want this charming space near the back or side door, within an easy few steps for enjoying your morning cup of coffee and croissant. Colorful potted flowers or scented herbs are a beautiful way to start your day.
        Related: VINGLI Mosaic Outdoor Side Table


        6. Essential Bar Cart

        A bar cart is back - and come in at a close second to weddings and puppies on the pinteresting popularity scale. Thanks to its wheels, you can carry the bar cart anywhere in the patio party! Bottles, glasses and snacks look great on it. Imagine how handy a bar cart will be at your next backyard barbecue or family picnic.
        Related: VINGLI 4-Tiered Rolling Bar Serving Cart


        7. Install A Bird Bath

        If you want to attract birds to your yard, one of the best ways is to install a bird bath. A simple bird bath can bring a special surprise to your backyard. Watching birds come from miles around to take a turn at the feeder or take a dip in a nearby birdbath in your own yard, is as satisfying as Christmas morning.
        Related: VINGLI Antique Copper Pedestal Bird Bath With Solar Fountain


        8. Add A Firepit

        Nothing creates a convivial atmosphere in your outdoor living area like fire, and a little warmth means your outdoor space is also suitable for all seasons, especially during the cooler months or evenings. A fire pit is a popular garden feature that helps create a cozy space to rival your living room. What's more relaxing than talking with friends or family by the fire or hugging your partner while staring at the flames?
        Related: VINGLI Outdoor Square Fire Pit Table