There's nothing more joyful than sitting back in your garden to relax and enjoy the space you have created. Once your garden urns are filled with beautiful blooms and your outdoor sculptures and antiques are perfectly placed, it seems only right that you should have some comfortable seating to make the most of your surroundings.

Garden benches are a great choice, especially because they have been a staple of outdoor furniture for centuries. With a garden bench, you can create a dedicated seating area that will make your yard both functional and beautiful.

While there are plenty of garden benches on the market, what if you could find one that makes a statement and offers extra functionality that you'll love every time you use it? Combining the strength and durability of materials with a more modern look and practical functionality, we recommend this VINGLI's Metal Garden Bench below.

Optional Center Table
The biggest highlight is the built-in center table built to raise the experience. The center section can easily be lifted up into a small comfortable table for chess, coffee, tea, books, drinks, or snacks. When not in use, it can be folded down for extra seat. Enjoy an outdoor picnic like never before with the built-in pull-up table!

Metal Materials
If you're looking for garden bench which you don't have to pack away over the winter, then going for metal bench makes a lot of sense. There's much less of a need to worry about maintenance than with wood or other natural materials. Metal is hardy, and can offer alluring designs with a modern edge. In fact, using modern metal bench is also a good way of transforming the feel and look of your garden, whether you're combining it with country cottage style planting, or minimalist designs.

Comfortable Seat
The 59-inch length allows 2-3 people to sit on it comfortably. Unique backrest, seat and armrest curves are designed to perfectly fit the body curve and provide optimal comfort. Assembly is required, but it comes with a complete instruction set.

Timeless Design
The subtle black lines bring a sculptural quality to a simple yet elegant design that will blend effortlessly into any garden scheme, from a contemporary patio or country cottage garden to a modern urban space. Whether on a paver patio, a gravel courtyard, or squeezing in some seating space on a deck, this bench complements the natural elements of your garden.

Click Here if you want to learn more: VINGLI 59in Garden Metal Bench with Built-in Center Table


Here are some close-ups of the VINGLI Garden Metal Bench:

If you're gearing up for some entertaining, whether it's for the rest of this summer, the slowly approaching fall, or the upcoming winter, make sure you have plenty of seats for your guests! Or even just a sweet spot for you.

Whatever type of garden bench you want, you can find a suitable option in our complete collection here: Outdoor Benches. Upgrade your yard’s appearance right now.

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