While we would never complain about having extra storage space in the kitchen, some storage space - like tall cabinets - aren't exactly useful if you can't reach them. Rather than dragging your dining room chairs around and potentially risking your safety, add a simple step ladder to help access those hard-to-reach areas.

What is a Step Stool?
A step ladder refers to a smaller self-supporting portable ladder, that may be foldable for easy storage. It is non-adjustable in length and has several flat steps without a pail shelf that allows a person to stand on the top step.
Step ladders are useful and efficient when extra height is needed to reach or perform tasks overhead safely but when a full-sized ladder is not required. They come in handy for a wide range of decorating, organizing, and home improvement tasks such as reaching overhead items and hanging artwork.

Our Choice
We would like to recommend today is the most popular Household Non-slip Folding Step Ladder from LUISLADDERS. It is a very beautiful wood grain finish that looks great almost anywhere. It is actually made of lightweight aluminum and is a very light and durable model that resists fatigue, corrosion and rust. The two-step version weighs only 5.95 lbs and has a maximum load capacity of 330 lbs. There're also three-step, four-step and five-step options if you need something taller.

1. Ultra-lightweight Aluminum Ladder Construction
Aluminium is the most well-liked choice for ladders used in households because the leading features of aluminium ladders are that they have a high strength-to-weight ratio which makes an aluminium model easy to transport and store as well as less expensive to produce than the ladders which made from other materials. The weight of the ladder fluctuates depending on the number of steps. The heaviest five-step ladder is only 10.8 lbs, but with a load-bearing capacity of 330 lbs, it is very practical and durable.

2. Compact Foldable Design
One of its attractive designs is that it can be folded up for compact storage. The two-step ladder is only 2 inches thick when folded and can fit into tight places. You can carry it by the upper handle and easily stash it in your garage, shed, workshop, or use it to help organize your mudroom or laundry room. So let's say goodbye to hefty stools that take up too much space and say hello to parking spaces.

3. Strong Security and Stability
This ladder step stool is equipped with safety latches and non-slip pedals to ensure safety and stability. Non-slip rubber feet help to prevent falls and floor scratches. When standing on the highest step, the knees can also rely on the safety handrail above to balance the support points.

4. More Than Just A Ladder!
The very special and beautiful wood grain finish adds charm to the ladder and can be easily incorporated into your home decor. In addition to the ladder, it can also be used as a display shelf for your books, small plants or any other items with character.

5. Multiple Uses
This handy step stool ladder will allow you to reach things that were previously a hassle, and make household chores like changing light bulbs and cleaning windows easier. Perfect for small heights in the home, kitchen, office, bathroom or garage.

When you're tired of boosting yourself onto the counter to reach the items in the double-tiered upper cabinets, it's time to start looking for a step ladder. This 2/3/4/5 step woodgrain aluminum ladder stool from LUISLADDERS is a great ladder for home use. The lightweight design and compact folding configuration make it easy to carry around the house or on the go. What's more, the price is very affordable.

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Here’s a close up of what the LUISLADDERS aluminum ladder stool looks like:

You can also see our complete collection here: Step Ladders

If you already have an aluminum ladder stool in your home, that's okay, stay tuned. We'll tell you more about ladders and ladder stools in subsequent blogs.

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