For the term "Zero Gravity", most people would probably conjure images of floating weightlessly in space. Now take that feeling and imagine you are sitting in a chair on Earth. A zero gravity chair makes the user feel like an astronaut because of the steep reclining angle and backrest that is designed to exert minimal pressure on the body.

Pretty cool, right? This reclined position is different than in a traditional recliner because it evenly distributes your bodyweight throughout the chair, which means it can reduce the stress on different areas of your body, and give you the perfect angle of full relaxation.

Our preferred VINGLI Zero Gravity Chairs are therefore perfect for those who want to kick their feet back on a Sunday afternoon instead of getting backstabbed by a cheap plastic lawn chair. The greatly reduced pressure on the body is also ideal for those with lower back pain who need to recline in a comfortable and ergonomic position when taking breaks from standing.


The Science Behind Zero Gravity Chairs
Zero gravity chairs are inspired by the position astronauts had to take during liftoff on space missions. During this intense and sudden increase in gravity, the astronauts needed to be in a safe position so escaping the Earth’s gravitational pull didn’t put too much stress on their bodies. The reclined “zero gravity” position allowed them to distribute the stresses of takeoff safely.

The zero gravity position is the body’s natural resting position. With your body tipped all the way back and your legs elevated, your heart is on an equal plane with the rest of your body, allowing for less stress on your heart as it pumps blood throughout the body. The position follows the natural flow of your spinal column, allowing your disks, back muscles, and entire body to be in a state of peaceful rest. Your weight is evenly distributed which takes the pressure off areas that may experience excess strain or pressure.


The Benefits of Zero Gravity Chairs
So what specific benefits can the zero gravity chair provide you with? Better blood flow and the even distribution of weight can help improve your health in many ways.

1. Improve Blood Circulation
The zero gravity position allows you to elevate your legs which opens up the valves in your veins, allowing blood to more easily return to the heart - thus improving circulation of blood throughout your body.

2. Improve Lung Function
Your lungs depend on the diaphragm to function (a large muscle that helps your lungs to expand when filled with air). When you recline into the zero gravity position, your diaphragm allows for maximum expansion, which improves your overall lung function. Over time you’ll be able to take deeper breaths as your lungs improve!

3. Reduce Joint Swelling
The increased circulation you experience from having your feet elevated above your head will help reduce joint swelling and pain from conditions such as arthritis.

4. Reduce Muscle Pain
Chairs that put you into the zero gravity position allow the stress to be taken off of your muscles, and heal after a long day. This is an effective way to manage tension and pain in your muscles, especially your back muscles.

5. Reduce Spinal Cord Compression
Zero gravity chairs can help relieve spinal cord compression, neck pain or stiffness, numbness in the legs, hands and arms, and other symptoms by taking the weight off of your spine.


Why Should I Get A Zero Gravity Chair?
Gravity chairs can be used both as a remedy and as a preventative measure. We generally put a lot of wear and tear on our bodies, whether it’s for work or recreation, and a gravity chair can effectively help your body to heal and reset. If you have pre-existing pain and need relief, the chair can help to relieve those pains. If you don’t yet suffer from pain, it is likely to occur as you age, and the zero gravity position can help you to avoid this.

The wonderful thing about these chairs is that they not only improve your health and help you to manage pain, but they look beautiful in your home. Whether you use it in your living room or on your outdoor patio, a zero gravity chair aligns your body into a neutral posture, offering you the relaxation and comfort of simulated weightlessness.

If you are interested in getting a zero gravity chair for your home, our VINGLI Zero Gravity Chairs collection will be more than happy to show you your options. Click here to learn more about the VINGLI Zero Gravity Chairs.

If you need further advice, please feel free to contact us.

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