Spring is just around the corner, giving every avid gardener and plant enthusiast a reason to get excited about their gardens and potted plants. However, what to use as the perfect planter stands for their precious plant babies has been a lifelong dilemma. Don't worry. We've rounded up 5 of the most ingenious plant stand ideas to give you some inspiration.

1. Wishing Well Plant Stand

If you want your garden to be the ultimate place to relax, your best bet is to invest in a Wishing Well Plant Stand. The elegant well creates a focal point in the garden, adding whimsy and charm. Your guests and passersby are sure to wonder if they've stumbled upon a storybook scene.

2. Barrel Plant Stand

What's more fun than a garden full of barrels? Combining the elegance and beauty of aged wood with the charm and versatility of nature, a Barrel Plant Stand has an absolutely timeless look and extraordinary practicality. This simple and elegant planter solution adds a rustic charm to any space.


3. Hanging Plant Stand

Hanging Planters are one of the hottest home decor trends for 2022, and we're obsessed with them. When you see unexpectedly vibrant flowers blooming from high up, well, it takes on a more glamorous beauty. Like the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, having gorgeous green plants cascading from above and vibrant colors in unexpected elevated places is truly a remarkable sight. Hop on this green bandwagon and creat your own beautiful and enchanting hanging garden.


4. Multi-Tier Metal Plant Stand

It's a simple and lovely way to display a variety of plants with a Multi-Tiered Plant Stand. The European style iron design and curved, smooth line make this gorgeous 4-tier metal planter stand the perfect addition to fill any corner. Still have an empty corner or two? Then add a pop of color to the shelf to personalize your space. 


5. Multi-Pot Bamboo Plant Stand

Is your plant collection outgrowing your living space? When you run out of room for houseplants on the floor, go up! That’s where Multi-Pot Plant Stands come in. A bamboo stand is the perfect country chic accent to showcase your flowers, herbs and other plants in a rustic fashion. Make good use of it to help take your plants to new heights.


Say goodbye to a boring backyard, now is the time to add a beautiful idyllic look to your garden. 

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