If you own a outdoor swimming pool, you probably need a pool cover. Solar pool covers are a cost-effective way to prevent water evaporation and protect your pool from debris. On top of that, they can sustain pool’s water temperature for a long time and decrease the energy costs.

However, handling your solar pool cover can be a real pain. Every pool owner agrees that taking off a pool cover and putting it back is a two-person job - and it’s a one heck of a job.

VINGLI Pool Solar Cover Reel Set is a convenient alternative to this chore. As the video below shows, even a small child can easily do this job on her own.

This VINGLI pool cover reel in the video is one of our most popular sets to date, combines the solar pool cover with a dedicated reel mechanism designed specifically for inground pools. It’s not often you find that people go ga-ga over something as simple and as functional as a solar cover reel, but that’s typical of pool owners who choose this VINGLI Pool Cover Reel Set.

Wide Range of Suitable Sizes
Available in three different size models of 14 feet, 18 feet and 21 feet with adjustable widths, they actually fit pools from 3 feet to 22 feet.
Click on the links below to see more information about the models if you're interested:
VINGLI 14 Feet Aluminum Inground Swimming Pool Reel Set
VINGLI 18 Feet Pool Solar Cover Reel Set Yellow/ Gray/ Blue
VINGLI 21 Feet Pool Solar Cover Reel Set Yellow

Fit in All Shapes of Pools
It is perfectly in rectangular pool, and also can fit in all shapes of pools, including bean-shaped, kidney-shaped, odd-shaped, Marilyn Monroe shaped, oyster-shaped pools and more. Simply cut the pool cover to fit the shape. And the straps on the VINGLI reel are long enough to attach to the pool cover in different positions.

Quick and Easy to Operate
With the ergonomic crank handle, getting a pool cover on and off is a breeze - the whole operation takes less than a minute. The thick tires on the rollers reel mean you can also quickly store and move the reel as necessary. One person can do it easily and smoothly.

Increase the Lifespan of Your Cover
If you take off a pool cover manually, there’s a good chance that it’s going to get dragged over rough ground, rocks etc., and thereby possibly get scraped or torn on the side of the pool or surroundings. Not to mention that dragging pool cover over rough terrain may affect its warranty. This reel protects the pool cover from damage and extends its life.

Durable and sturdy
VINGLI reel is designed with a grooved aluminum pipe and the legs are made of stainless steel, eliminating the worry of rust. The wheels are made of large full solid tires that can be used all year round without deformation.

Prevent Bugs and Debris
It protects the pool from insects, debris (twigs or leaves), and bugs. If the blanket traps debris, then uses a hand skimmer to scoop it out before taking off the cover. Removing more debris from pool water will let you run the pump less on high vacuum, and thereby saves energy costs.

Retain Heat
Floating a solar cover on the pool will help to retain heat. The air bubbles on the cover will trap solar heat and radiate it into the pool water and maintain a steady temperature after sunset. All it depends on the amount of sunlight and how long the cover stays on the pool.

Lessen Evaporation and Chemicals
During the warm summer months, the average pool loses around 1.5” of water each week due to evaporation alone. Pools in hot, dry climates can lose even more. In addition, chemicals must be constantly replaced due to evaporation or breakdown from UV rays. By simply using a solar cover on the pool, you can effectively reduce water loss by as much as 90-95%, and you'll use up to 30-60% less chemicals throughout the year. Just think of all the money you can save!

Priced from $199.99, it fits into the budget of most poolowners. Compared to other solar cover reels on the market, it is both affordable and durable, and is definitely a value for money investment.

Choose the specific size model you need based on the size of your pool:
VINGLI 14 Feet Aluminum Inground Swimming Pool Reel Set
VINGLI 18 Feet Pool Solar Cover Reel Set Yellow/ Gray/ Blue
VINGLI 21 Feet Pool Solar Cover Reel Set Yellow

You can also browse our full collection here: VINGLI Pool Solar Cover Reel

If you have an above ground pool, that's okay, stay tuned with us. We will introduce you the best solar cover reel for above ground pools in a subsequent blog.


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Porter Dodge

My solar cover was damaged. How do I get new straps that fit into the reel’s grooves like the originals? Is it possible to use the old white clamps on the new cover…in other words, can they be taken off the old cover and attached to the new one? I do not want to purchase Velcro attached straps. They are junk!
Love the reel by the way. Easy to use!

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