Ladders are sometimes the most underestimated household tools. Yet, every house needs it at some point or the other. No matter if you are tall or short, some tasks around the house require you to climb a ladder. Although it is not a tool one would use every day, we need it to change a bulb or place a few things in the topmost cupboard. Some may like step ladders more than regular ladders.


Ladders are designed to do more than just get a worker up to the work area or a homeowner to his or her project - they are designed to get the person there safely. It is the responsibility of the user to understand and follow the proper safety guidelines when using this popular tool.

There are many types of ladders, and whether you’re browsing step stools or larger ladders, it’s fundamental you choose the right one for the job, choosing the proper one for the job is the first step in ensuring ladder safety.

  • Step Ladder - great for tasks like changing a light bulb or a smoke detector battery
  • Step Stool - recommended for projects under 8 feet
  • Platform Ladder - handy if both hands are needed for a project like painting, or if the task takes longer
  • Extension Ladder - to get even higher for tasks like cleaning gutters or hanging holiday decorations
  • Articulating Ladder - versatile multi-purpose ladder can be used as a step ladder, extension ladder, a staircase ladder or even a 90-degree leaning ladder

Another important thing to consider when choosing your stepladder is its safe working load. The duty rating can be found on a label on the ladder. The duty rating is the total amount of weight your ladder will support. Make sure that the work you are doing with the ladder does not exceed the ladder’s maximum load rating.



As with any ladder, it’s essential that you carry out pre-use checks to ensure your safety. Pre-use checks need to be carried out whenever your situation changes – for example, at the beginning of each day, and after moving the stepladder.

Pre-use check guide:

  • Check the stiles are not bent or damaged
  • Check the feet are in good condition and in contact with the ground
  • Check the rungs aren’t bent, worn, missing or loose
  • Check the locking mechanisms and their fixings – they mustn’t be damaged, bent or worn

All four of these checks need to be satisfactory. If just one of these checks fails, the stepladder isn’t safe to work with.



The Luisladders Folding Step Ladder is a well-designed piece giving the much-needed ease to reach the high shelves or to hang curtains etc. Made from durable and good quality material, it is sturdy and safe and is very secure with the feet on all floor types, be it tiled or placed on dirt or grass. The steps being wide enough one can balance well while climbing and the handle is an added benefit that gives the security of climbing the ladder on to the next step. All in all, a great help for household chores.



1. Safety Handrails
The best feature of this ladder is the long padded handrails on both sides, which can provide you with extra stability and reduce the risk of falling or slipping when using it.

2. Safety and Stability
Designed with safety in mind, this step ladder offers stability due to sturdy steel frame, extra-wide steps and non-slip rubber feet. Sturdy steel ladder can hold up to 330 lbs. Large treaded steps standing platforms measure 15" x 10.2". Anti-skid rubber feet make it very stable on all floor types.

3. Locking Mechanism
The tool ladder has a secure locking system, making it a safe climbing tool for people to climb with confidence.

4. Space-Saving Folding Design
The foldable design allows it to be folded into a narrow size, which helps store it in the smallest of spaces and also makes it easy to carry and transport. For example, it can be stored against a wall or corner, or easily slide into your car's backseat, or stored in a closet or under a bed without taking up too much space.

5. Multipurpose Use
It is a perfect tool when you need a little extra height for items in the kitchen, bathroom, office or garage. Ideal for reaching high cabinet or changing the light bulb or adding extra height for cleaning, painting and also can be used as a chair.


The Luisladders Folding Step Ladder comes in two-step, three-step, and four-step versions. They’ve both been essential for the various household tasks you could need some extra height for: reaching a cabinet, changing a light bulb, trimming the Christmas tree. Lightweight but sturdy, and the handles provide a good grip. Plus the stool is nice-looking and unobtrusive, and it folds up for storage when not in use, making it very convenient. This is definitely a great ladder for home investment and use.

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Here are some close ups of the LUISLADDERS Folding Safety Step Ladder:


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