It's time to get excited because today we're sharing a special video about a budget-friendly makeover of corner coffee bar. It was shared by our partner Tiff, the owner of a YouTube channel called Smalltown Six. She lives for coffee and she has a lot of coffee machines. In the video, she updates her coffee bar with an Awesome Buffet Cabinet from VINGLI.


If you want a fabulous coffee bar too, or if you don't have enough space in your kitchen either, then read on because this is the hack your house is begging for.

Made of thick MDF sturdy wood, this VINGLI Sideboard Buffet is a durable cabinet you will simply love. It has a spacious cabinet with 2 doors for ample storage space to keep stored items dust free. The built-in adjustable shelf that can be flexibly adjusted to the size of the items to maximize space. The tabletop is roomy for a coffee bar or beverage bar as in the video, and is also perfect for displaying your precious China, wine glasses, appetizers and wine bottles. With an open shelf for extra storage display space.


Another thing we love is how quick it is to assemble. We have easy to read assembly instruction manual and each panel and hardware is labeled so even a girl can assemble it independently in no time.


Classy and practical, its chic modern design makes it a great addition to your home and value for your money. This is the most important point about this product because you will not regret buying it considering the benefits you can get from your purchase. Precisely, this cabinet will make your dinning room more appealing.


While the sideboard has traditionally been placed in the kitchen or dining room, this VINGLI Buffet Cabinet is actually an incredible multi-tasker. It can pop up in just about every corner of the house… and impresses in unexpected ways.


In addition to a coffee and beverage bar, creating a cocktail station on your sideboard is a very pleasant option. The spacious tabletop, open shelf and storage cabinet can be turned into your wine stash in a corner of your living room or bedroom, serve up a new take on a traditional piece. Bottoms up!


Adding a sideboard to your home office area can clear up paper clutter - and ground the room. If you have a home office that is on the bland side, you can opt for this decorative and angular VINGLI buffet. In addition to freeing you from limited storage space, it creates visual interest by displaying personal office supplies, craft supplies, board games or personal hobbies to add a sense of completeness to your home office.


Looking for a tidy home for your flat screen? The low-profile silhouette of its modern media unit makes it a great choice to house the TV. The open shelf has enough storage space to hide various cords and other electronic devices, such as a WIFI box.


Of particular note is that this VINGLI buffet is the right size to create some interesting symmetry by pairing two cabinets side by side. This can double down on the storage space while adding a surprise element to the room.


Have kids or pets in the house and always have no room for toys? Arranging a VINGLI buffet immediately can help you solve all your troubles. With large spacious cupboards and shelf, you can further sort toys by both size and type, creating a toy play area that is easy to organize and use.


Working in a large room? Not your typical layout? This VINGLI Sideboard Buffet Cabinet can work to delineate space in these rooms. By pairing it against the back of a couch, you can ground the furniture and create a cohesive sense of space. When you get tired of the regular arrangement, tweak the layout in this way to add a fresh feel and your house will look like a modern Europe style.


Beyond simply providing that all important storage, this VINGLI creates a display surface for lamps, photos, and collections. Thanks to its classic and attractive design, it is also a showpiece for your house in its own right and will match your interior perfectly. Be sure your visitors will be absolutely delighted with it.


Buffet tables are easy to overlook, both during the design phase and in general. But if you’re looking for a simple, easy way to supplement your storage in either your kitchen or dining room, This VINGLI Buffet Cabinet is a super effective (and sometimes surprisingly stylish) way to do it! From the utility of extra storage to the decorative style of your favorite look, the possibilities for new interpretations of storage ideas are endless.

Click Here if you want to learn more: VINGLI Modern Sideboard Buffet Cabinet


Here’s a close up of what the VINGLI Buffet Cabinet looks like:

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