It sometimes feels like such an insignificant piece of furniture; after all, many people can put their make-up on in the bathroom when they have no other options in the bedroom. But what if you share a bathroom with someone else? Keeping your self-care and makeup products in the bathroom shared with your roommates or family members can end up being a mess. Not to mention, it is easy to get your makeup products dirty, damaged or lost in the bathroom.

In this case, purchasing a vanity table can put an end to all your worries. From the easy access to the necessities on a rushed morning to keeping expensive makeup products and beloved jewelry safe - the right vanity can do a lot for you.

In this article, we'll discuss the reasons to invest in a vanity table and the benefits of owning one. Some of them may surprise you.


1. Provides A Dedicated Personal Space
If there is one feature of a dresser with a mirror, it is the ability to create a dedicated space for you to spend time grooming yourself. This is especially gratifying in a busy household. Having makeup and makeup removal all in one place and within easy reach will facilitate a consistent, efficient daily beauty routine, saving you time significantly and minimizing the aggravation of searching for items you can't find.
When you have a place like this to focus on beauty, you can comfortably enjoy relaxing beauty tasks to the fullest, from starting your day with energized makeup prep in the morning to finishing your bedtime beauty regime to end the day.


2. Keep Your Beauty Products Well-organized
Don’t have enough space to store your belongings? Unable to locate your favourite red lipstick before that much-awaited date night? Keeping all of your beauty essentials and self-care products organized might be a challenge? Well, that won't be a problem anymore because a vanity table can serve as the perfect organizer for all your beauty products. You can neatly keep your skincare products, makeup, perfume, jewelry and place them exactly where you want, therefore saving time when the next time you need them.
With an organized makeup space, you will:

  • Find things much easier
  • Not have to worry about misplacing or losing anything
  • Easier to better control your inventory and replenish what's missing in a timely manner
  • Be less likely to make duplicate purchases
  • Have a better sense of how fresh your makeup is


3. Practical and Versatile
Who says that a vanity table with a mirror has to be dedicated to makeup? If you feel so comfortable in that space, no one will stop you from using it for anything else you want to do. Many people fall in love with their vanity table, so much so that they end up using it even as office table, at least for tasks that require less space such as painting, writing, reading, crafting or even YouTube videos.
The storage function of a vanity table can be used to store jewelry, small pieces of clothing, cosmetics, books, medicine or anything you would normally keep in a nightstand.
If space is limited, you can even use a vanity table in place of a nightstand, combining these two uses into a beautiful piece of bedroom furniture.


4. A Great Decoration
A well-designed dressing table can double as useful storage and a versatile bedroom surface, as well as being an attractive piece which adds charm and femininity to the bedroom. As you will see in our vanity table section, there is a variety of styles and types, such as traditional, modern and vintage styles. They all have their own design, and you will find more models economic or more focused on luxury. You can choose any vanity table that matches your personal aesthetic and style.


5. Location Flexibility with A Small Room Footprint
Vanity tables are well-suited to several home spaces, which gives you some flexibility when it comes to choosing a location. You don’t need a lot of space for a vanity table either, which gives you additional freedom when choosing a spot. When not in use, the included stool is hidden from view and does not take up any additional floor space. If your available space allows for it, “going big” with your vanity table design is certainly an option, too.
Any of the following rooms are ideal for a vanity table:

  • Walk-in Closet / Dressing Room
  • Main Bedroom
  • Bathroom / Powder Room


6. You Deserve to Pamper Yourself
We’ve established that there are several practical reasons to get a vanity table.
But if you’re looking for an additional reason to make such an investment, how about because it’s simply nice to pamper yourself once in awhile? If you invest a lot of time and care into your daily beauty routine, a perfect self-care space is the perfect way to treat yourself to something special that improves the quality of your “me time”.


Final Thoughts
We think having a vanity table is a great idea and it will add an unparalleled level of comfort to your life. Apart from the obvious benefits of having additional storage for your cosmetics, this is the only piece of furniture that will motivate you to get dressed with a purpose, every single day! More importantly, it will be a perfect piece of decoration with functionality that goes beyond just makeup.

If you're interested, feel free to check out our wide variety of affordable, high-quality vanity tables HERE. Enjoy such a piece of furniture with confidence that gives you the quality of life you deserve!

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