When it’s time to decorate for the holidays, many families consider the Christmas tree a treasured tradition. Every year we dream of a white Christmas so why not guarantee it yourself with a snow-tipped pine tree. Admittedly these won’t fool anyone but they will look fantastic against all your white decorations.

Today’s artificial Christmas trees are not like the synthetic-looking ones from years past. Our spotlighted 7.5-foot-tall Artificial Christmas Pine Tree is made of environmentally friendly and flame retarded PVC material that makes it look extremely close to natural pine needles. 1450 lifelike branch tips surrounding the core clad with "pine needles", it creates a more convincing illusion of a living tree. Half of the decorating is already done with this snowy-covered tree. Add a handful of ornaments and you’re all set for the season.

Super Snowy
Conjuring images of snow-blanketed forests and sharply dressed snowmen, this flocked Christmas tree is every bit as festive as their plain green Christmas tree cousins– just with a modern twist. It looks like it has just been pulled indoors from the cold to become a festive finishing flourish.

1450 Lifelike Branch Tips
The leaves is made of high quality environmentally friendly and flame retarded PVC material, which is durable and not easily deformed. It provides nearly 1450 lifelike branch tips, which makes the pine needles more dense and looks extremely close to natural pine needles. After assembling, it can be loosened more easily and distributed naturally. So you can make them fluffy and naturally distributed easier when assembled.

7.5ft Extra Tall Tree
At 7.5 feet tall and nearly 4.3 feet wide, this tree is richly proportioned; it can fill almost any corner of a living room. Typically, the height of most trees includes the height of the top small branches. But we upgraded the height of this Christmas tree so that it does not include the height of the top branches, but the actual height of the tree. So its tree height is actually higher than 7.5 feet.

High Stability
Wider and thicker metal tree base with 3pcs screws provides more stability to keep your tree standing more stable.

Easy to Install
Can be disassembled into 3 hinged sections, making the whole assembly process simpler and easier to disassemble and store.

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Here are some close ups of the VINGLI Christmas Pine Tree:


To transform your living room into a picturesque winter wonderland, this Artificial Christmas Pine Tree is definitely not to be missed. Snow-flocked tips create a unique wintry feel, making this 7.5-foot Christmas tree an eye-catching addition to any room during the holidays.

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