We could probably all use a bit more storage and organization in our homes. But it can be overwhelming to start - not to mention knowing what you need to help you get organized! But you don’t have to hire a professional organizer to get your home in order. You just need to identify what you want to organize and VINGLI will help guide you to the best solutions. Whether that’s stashing clutter so you don’t have to look at it anymore or finding organization solutions for kids’ toys, and everything in between, we’ve got you covered.

In this guide, we'll provide all the best storage furniture and organizational options to help you organize your home. Let's know more about the benefits of decluttering your home and how to optimize your storage space.


In addition to a nicer-looking home, there are several reasons you should tackle clutter. Thoroughly organized spaces are easier to keep clean, reducing allergens and dust. Tidying up an organized space is quicker as well, leaving you more time to enjoy other activities.

Decluttering also saves time and money. When each of your possessions has a designated storage spot, you can grab what you need quickly without a stressful search. You may also discover things you can repair, repurpose or restore and avoid purchasing something new. This money-saving method is also eco-friendly, as it reduces the number of items going to landfills.

Probably one of the biggest benefits of decluttering your house is how it makes you feel. Ph.D. Brenna Renn, a psychologist at the University of Washington, says getting rid of clutter can improve focus and reduce the stress and anxiety caused by too many visual distractions.

Another study suggests that clutter in bedrooms can affect a person’s quality of sleep, leading to symptoms such as brain fog or an increased risk of depression. When a space is neat and organized, it's usually easier to relax completely, giving you a more energizing rest and a positive boost to your mood.


Not sure where to start decluttering? We’ve created a simple checklist to help you declutter and organize your home one step at a time. Going through the organization options one by one can make the process feel more manageable and keep you from feeling overwhelmed.

1. VINGLI 12/16/25/30 Cubes Storage Closet Organizer

Clutter and mess in your cabinet can make your life very difficult. However, cube storage can help you organize your items, store them neatly, and find them quickly when you need them.

This VINGLI closet organizer unit is made of eco-friendly plastic sheets with ABS connectors. Available in four unit styles, 12/16/25/30 cubes, you can customize the modular cubes in any way you like. You can use them all together or as separate cubes. Each cube measures 13.8 x 13.8 x 13.8 inches providing spacious stable storage to handle up to 44lb weight.

Unlike traditional furnitures, this cube organizer is light enough to fold into a small bag when not in use, making it easy to carry. Black minimalist design blends perfectly with the room's decor. This easy-to-clean and maintain organizer is an excellent solution for storing books, toys, clothes, linens and decorative items.

Check Price Here: VINGLI 12/16/25/30 Cubes Storage Closet Organizer


2. VINGLI 72in Freestanding Kitchen Pantry Cabinet

Ample kitchen storage is mandatory, especially if you like collecting lots of beautiful kitchen pots and pans. If your natural tendency is to accumulate lots of stuff in your cooking area, thankfully for you, there is a perfect solution: Freestanding Kitchen Cabinet.

The farmhouse design, large storage capacity and overall customer response really sold us on this VINGLI Freestanding Cabinet model. It is equipped with two cabinet doors, each containing 2 adjustable shelves, providing plenty of storage options for different sized items. The magnetic suction design keeps the cabinet doors tightly closed and prevents items from falling out. The center drawer with vintage handles provides both additional storage space and an attractive look.

The stylish and rustic ambiance blends seamlessly with most kitchens, pantries, casual playrooms, bedrooms, living rooms and more, adding whimsy and exquisite charm to home organization.

Check Price Here: VINGLI 72in Freestanding Kitchen Pantry Cabinet


3. VINGLI Vanity Table Set with 9 LED Light Lighted Mirror

The counter in front of your bathroom mirror can certainly function as a makeup table, if that’s all you have to work with. However, there’s no real substitute for a dedicated makeup vanity table with lights. It’s a piece of furniture which transforms a difficult makeup session into a pleasant pleasure.

One of our favourite vanity table ideas is this vanity mirror with Hollywood lights. The extra large mirror with 9 soft light bulbs not only provides a full and bright view, but also adds glamorous style to your space. The spacious tabletop with two large sliding drawers provide generous storage space for all your beauty essentials. A comfortable padded stool will allow you to relax and enjoy the process.

This vanity table is also perfect to double as a desk to make the most of your space. In smaller bedrooms, you might also consider skipping a nightstand in favor of it to squeeze in extra storage space. Order one now and do your makeup with the new standard!

Check Price Here: VINGLI Vanity Table Set with 9 LED Light Lighted Mirror


4. VINGLI Mirrored Nightstand with 3-Drawers

A nightstand is an essencial piece for any master bedroom; it’s where you can keep your night time reading, a resting place for your glasses and the throne on which your merciless alarm clock can rule. It’s also an important balance piece that can accentuate your bed’s features and highlight your whole bedroom’s design. One good example of such a piece is this mirrored nightstand.

If you don’t like luxurious appearance, then this glossy mirrored nightstand with 3 drawers is absolutely a good choice. Simple yet elegant look features a complete mirrored design that captures a brighter color. Its reflective nature can not only empower everything else in the room, but also create the illusion of more space, which can never go wrong. 3 slide-out drawers with crystal handles also provide enough storage space for your personal items.

You can also choose to place it in your dining room, bathroom, or even next to your living room sofa and consider it as a coffee table. The attractive look will inject the vitality of your homesite and make you proud while having visitors.

Check Price Here: VINGLI Mirrored Nightstand with 3-Drawers


5. VINGLI 60in Modern TV Stand With LED Light

These days, it’s common to see gamers and streamers taking advantage of the aesthetic value of LED lights. Hanging them carefully on the wall and installing them in your keyboard/modem can make any room feel bright, colorful, and modern. So, why not bring some of these lights to your living room?

With the VINGLI TV stand, you can do just that. When you combine this with the sleek, minimalist design, you get a modern TV stand that's perfect for any LED light lover. The large center drawer provides plenty of ample storage space for your CDs, DVDs and even books and magazines.

Is your TV 60 Inches? Now, you need the VINGLI Led TV Stand. Indeed, it might not fit perfectly in every home. But, for people that have rooms with similar aesthetics, you can’t beat it. Plus, it’s priced at under $150, so you don’t need to break the bank to benefit from this mood booster.

Check Price Here: VINGLI 60in Modern TV Stand With LED Light


If you're looking for storage ideas that are both practical and pretty, then check out our collection of storage furniture. VINGLI has become an expert in finding stylish storage solutions that can easily add storage space to any room in your home, from bedrooms to living rooms to home offices.

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