Want to make a pool available in the cooler months? No problem: you just need to heat the water. Without heating, the pool water will not get any warmer than 22 °C, or perhaps 25 °C on very hot days. Sports swimmers prefer to swim in pools with a temperature of at least 26 °C. Most pools are even heated to 29 or 30 °C.

The problem is that heating pools is expensive - perhaps more than think. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that energy consumption increases by 10% to 30% (depending on where you live) for every 1 degree increase in water temperature. Why not adopting a source of energy that’s both free and environmentally-friendly: the sun.

When choosing the best solar heating system for your swimming pool, you need to think about your local climate, the length of your swim season, the size of your pool, and the cost to purchase and install a solar heating system. With these things in mind, our best recommendation is the VINGLI Solar Pool Heater.

Most solar pool heaters require a lot of space to effectively heat water, making them an unsightly addition to your yard or roof. At just 22.5 inches by 22.5 inches and 8.5 inches tall, this VINGLI Solar Dome-Style Model is the perfect compact option for your swimming pools. It consists of coils that wrap in a spiral shape on the inside of the dome. The clear plastic cover traps heat inside the dome, heating the water as it flows through the coils. Like other solar heaters, it connects to a standard pool filter. It produces enough warmth to heat a 6,000-gallon pool by 5 to 10 degrees Fahrenheit. If you are also interested, let's dig deeper into its advantageous features.

Fast Heating
The unique design of the solar dome allows the solar rays to be magnified within the streamlined housing, creating a "greenhouse" effect and heating up your pool warter as it flows through the system's tightly coiled pipes. Because the coiled pipes provide a large surface area for excellent heating efficiency, it will keep your pool at a warm and stable temperature even when the sun is not so strong. The quick performance of the dome-shaped pool heater means you don’t have to wait much for the ideal water temperature.

Compact Design
One of the main advantages of this solar pool heater is that it is compact and has a smaller footprint than traditional solar panels. It has 2 foldable legs on the bottom to ensure maximum sun coverage and optimal positioning. Equipped with a rotatable hose interface to make the connection more flexible and can be attached to any angle you need.

Protective Cover
This solar heater offers a unique protective cover over the coil to provide extra protection and keep it free from debris. The solar heater can enhance heating effects with the help of the dome cover because the cover absorbs and gathers heat. The protective cover ensures proper maintenance of the tool.

High Compatibility
This eco-friendly pool heater won’t demand a change in your existing pool system. Standard 1.5 inch hoses, steel clamps and fittings provide compatibility with most pools. Simply attach to your filter & pump system and let the warm water flow.

Cost Saving
The heater can help you save costs on your pool water heating system. Without dependence on electricity or gas, it can efficiently heat your pool. What’s more, the pricing of the device itself is apt for budget-conscious buyers.

As one of the budget options on the market out there, this affordable, heating-efficient, space-saving VINGLI Solar Dome Pool Heater will help you extend your swimming season and heat your pool to a warm, comfortable temperature during the swimming season. This system is also expandable, allowing you to add multiple domes to heat more water or to increase heating power.
Click Here for references and recommendations on pool sizes and the number of heaters required. 



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