Whether you have a large, medium or small swimming pool - it needs proper care and maintenance. Keeping clean is usually the top priority. Now comes the tricky part: how do we do this?


Some of us prefer the ease of hiring a pool service, but that can be pricey. Others like to get their hands dirty and handle the cleaning themselves, but it takes a lot of time. Some of us don’t necessarily have the budget to afford a pool service or the time/desire to do it ourselves. If you fall into the last category, or you are tired of maintaining your swimming pool every summer, this post is for you.


What you need is a VINGLI Automatic Pool Cleaner.



When you hear "automatic pool cleaner", you may think of something complicated and difficult to set up. This is not the case with this VINGLI. It's extremely easy to set up within minutes right out of the box with no tools. Just connect as many hoses as needed and hook it to your pool skimmer (must have at least a ¾ hp pool pump).


The VINGLI automatic pool cleaner uses the suction generated by the pool pump to propel the cleaner throughout the pool, vacuuming and cleaning pool surfaces while dirt and debris is removed by the pool filter. It gets around corners and up walls with no problem and will not leave scuff marks or get stuck.


Yes, the biggest highlight is that it can climb up the walls of the pool by itself without manual assistance. The wheel deflector on the head can also easily navigate narrow corners without getting jammed or stuck.


It is worth mentioning that it works silently, so if you have a sleeping baby at home, it will not disturb you.


Comes with 10 hoses for cleaning large pools, so you can be sure it can reach where it needs to go. The free hoses are made of high-quality materials (ABS, PVC, EVA), sturdy and durable, and won’t scuff up your pool surfaces.


Priced less than $100, which is in line with the budget of most homeowners. This is a good investment for people who are looking for an affordable and simple solution to keep the pool healthy, beautiful and swim-ready.


Click here if you want one:


Keep your eyes on your work or other things you are interested in, and leave the tedious daily swimming pool maintenance to VINGLI to make your life easier. This summer, spend more time enjoying pool time!


Gary Adams

This pool sweep is a game changer. It does a great job, easy to set up, and for the price it can’t be beat.

Mark Muller

Excellent cleaner at a great price!

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