It can be quite wasteful if you use freshwater to water the entire garden. Are you interested in watering your lawn or garden in the most eco-friendly way possible, but don't have any tools that can make that happen? Thanks to the genius mind that came up with it, Rain Barrels are here to save the day.

As the name implies, rain barrels collect rainwater that runs off your roof so you can use it for all watering purposes. This is an environmentally friendly and simple way to keep a home garden or lawn watered all season long. And, in areas where water shortages run rampant and the cost of water is steep, it can also be an effective option to keep water bills low during the hot months.

Our choice for the overall best rain barrel is the VINGLI Portable Collapsible Rain Barrel.

When picking a rain barrel, the first thing that you should consider is the capacity of the model. You can pick the storage capacity, depending on the location that you will place it and the amount of rain you get.
VINGLI rain barrels are available in 50 gallon, 66 gallon and 100 gallon sizes. If you want a rain barrel for your small yard, then a 50-gallon capacity is sufficient. However, if you have a farm or bigger yards, then select a rain barrel with a capacity of 66-gallon or even 100-gallon.

Just note that your rain barrels will be outside during all weather conditions, so it's really crucial to pick a durable material.
VINGLI rain barrel is made of PVC frame and anti-corrosion PVC mesh fabric - it's extremely durable, portable and long-lasting even in the cold winter months.

Leak-proof Performance
In the past, you could see a lot of oak barrels; they gave a beautiful natural look when placed in the garden. However, they can spoil and degrade over time, and the sealing performance decreases dramatically.
Unlike traditional barrels, VINGLI rain barrels are crack-free and more durable. Each spigot and water outflow valve is equipped with two rubber rings. Installing one rubber ring inside the barrel and the other outside the barrel can effectively prevent water leakage.

Some harsh rains and roving insects can push debris and contaminants into the rain barrel, which will make the water dirty. Especially in the summer, it is likely to become an ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes. Be sure to choose a rain barrel with a secure cover and a filter system that will keep the water clean.
VINGLI rain barrels have a mesh screen at the top to stop branches, leaves, insects or other contaminants from entering the barrel; the outflow valve with filter ensures that the water used to water your garden is clean.

If you're short on storage space, picking a collapsible rain barrel is your best bet.
The foldable design of the VINGLI Rain Barrel makes it easy to store. The lightweight 4.4 lb PVC frame and mesh tank can fold up for easy storage when not in use. You can easily carry it around and store it in your garage or utility room with minimal space. Whenever you need it again, it's always reusable with a simple assembly.

The good news is that VINGLI rain barrels are relatively inexpensive to purchase, making them one of the top choices on the market for good value. Easy to install, green and simple to look at will complement any backyard.

Is your yard in need of a rain barrel?
Are you looking for a solution to reuse the rainwater in your yard or garden watering process, then we have the perfect product for you - VINGLI Collapsible Rain Barrel. The foldable design will allow you to easily fold it and store it in your garage. It is manufactured out of an anti-corrosion PVC material that is a lot more sturdy than traditional barrels. 50~100 gallons of water capacity is more than enough for any plant watering needs. When the capacity is full, the overflow outlet releases extra water out of the barrel.

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Here’s a close up of what the VINGLI Rain Barrel looks like:

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