Porch swings have been an addition to many American homes, and they always bring huge smiles from the homeowners. Whether to reflect, have a casual conversation with friends, or just seeking some light-hearted fun, porch swings has always had a magical hold for children and adults alike.

Besides adding a lively mood and romantic charm than your average porch chair, it takes little space and can be enjoyed right at your yard instead of going to a park and waiting in line for your turn. ​If you have a front porch, or any outdoor space that has room for a porch swing, I highly recommend adding one.

Pros: Cons:
● Adjustable Seating Angles ● No Frame Included
● Holds 3 People Up to 800 Pounds ● No Canopy
● Well-finished Surface for Better Durability
● Ergonomic Design

The most interesting part of this VINGLI Wooden Porch Swing is that the inclination of the swing can be adjusted by adjusting the height of the chains. The upgraded chains features a loop-locked design for greater security. It's sturdy enough to hold 3 people and hold up to 800 pounds.
It comes with a well-finished surface and has better durability than ordinary swings that use log materials. So you won’t have to worry about it deteriorating due to the weather.
The porch swing curve gives you the best sitting experience in the knee area. You can put your favorite pillow and cozy blanket on the swing and enjoy the cool breeze. 

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No Porch or Without a Roof

No porch? Porch is too small? No problem! Some clever soul developed porch swing stands and now you can while away the afternoon anywhere you choose.

Pros: Cons:
2 Crossbars on Each Side for Greater Stability ● No Canopy
● Holds Up to 660lbs  
● Antique Bronze Finish Design
● Withstand Any Weather Conditions
● Easy to Assemble


This VINGLI Upgraded Porch Swing Stand is made of high quality metal to withstand any weather conditions. The unique antique bronze finish design makes it more elegant and can adapt to many styles of swings. With a 2-ring design, the stand can hold more weight than normal stands, up to 660 lbs! And there are 2 cross bars on each side for better stability.
It fits swings from 43" to 59" and works best with a 47" swing.
Best of all, the porch swing with stand is semi-portable, so - if you don't like your first position - you can relocate until you find a spot that’s just right.

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Once you get a swing, you better make it cuter the right way! Adding pillows to your swing is a must, and choosing a rug to place under the swing will really anchor the space and carry your design through. Choosing a design style is fun, but make sure you also consider the rest of your home’s style when you choose a look for the swing and outdoor space in general. This will ensure your entire home feels cohesive.

5 Popular Ways to Style Porch Swings

1. Farmhouse Chic Swing


2. Blue & Boho Swing


3. Moroccan Inspired Swing


4. Sleek & Scandi Swing



5. Tropical Swing

It’s hard for me to pick just one favorite look!  Which one is your favorite?

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