The reality is that folding tables are often an afterthought - a last-minute purchase for birthday parties, holiday dinners, outdoor camping or messy projects. It's not mission-critical for outdoor events, but it's definitely a useful and classic accessory.

When you want to spend more time with your loved ones at a family picnic, you want to be able to eat at the table somewhere surrounded by nature, listening to birds and enjoying the fresh air. That's when you need a new folding table. However, many are poorly made, wobbly, and more trouble than they’re worth.

So, you're not sure which one is right for you? We've got you covered!

This VINGLI Folding Table is a very practical and versatile portable outdoor table. Thanks to the unique external latch, one person can set it up very quickly. No screws to assemble, just unfold it and press the latch to secure it. 4 feet large enough for most needs. It can be folded into a suitcase that is lightweight and easy to carry and store. Another fun fact? It's height-adjustable, which makes it a great kids' table or food prep area.

Here is a video on how to set it up:

Quick to Setup and Break Donw
Most other center-folding models lock the tabletop shut with clamps inside so you need to use a lot of force to open it. This is annoying regardless of your strength. This VINGLI table takes a different approach by using an exterior latch to lock the two halves shut. Unhook the latch, and the table pops open. Thanks to this design, one person can set up it in around 30 seconds. 

3 Height Adjustable
The adjustable legs allow you to raise or lower the tabletop to 22 inches, 23 inches, and 28 inches. Just simply press the button and pull the aluminium leg up/down to adjust the height in seconds. At its lowest height, the VINGLI is the perfect child-sized table for crafts or dinner.

Easy to Carry
The most ingenious design of this VINGLI is that it folds in half. Weighing only 10-12 lbs, it is super light. This table has two built-in soft handles to carry the folded table around like a suitcase. The handles are ergonomically designed for a firm and comfortable grip. The exterior latches keeps the table shut during transport, making carrying even easier.

Versatile Use
This practical folding table is perfect for multiple uses such as camping, parties, picnics, bbqs, gatherings, canning tables, beach outings and tailgating. It can be used either as a dining table or as an additional food preparation area at outdoor events. In particular, it can also be used as a craft or dining table for children. Another use is to set this table outside as an easy portable desk to work while enjoying some fresh air and an outside view!

It's A Really Good Buy!
This VINGLI Lightweight Folding Table is a great choice if you are looking for a basic, portable outdoor table. Its entire frame is made of thicker aluminum alloy, which is very solid and durable and less likely to wobble or tip. MDF tabletop repels and hides scratches and stains much better. What's more, the price is where this VINGLI Table really shines. You will definitely get your money's worth.

Click Here if you want to learn more: VINGLI 4FT Portable Outdoor Folding Table

Here’s a close up of what the VINGLI Table looks like:


Other Recommendations

If you're looking for something smaller than 4ft long, we like the 3ft VINGLI Portable Height Adjustable Small Folding Table. Like the VINGLI 4ft folding table, it can be folded into a suitcase but in a smaller size, making it easier to store in tight spaces. The unfolded table top provides plenty of space for things or dining. Designed with two height settings, it is perfect for children's play in addition to being used as a picnic table, BBQ side table, service table, card game table, fishing table and work table.

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If there are a lot of people involved in your outdoor activities, or if you want more table space, we recommend the VINGLI 6FT Folding Long Table. It is easy to use and has a generous size but stores compactly, and its solid build can take a hearty beating. The recycled material HDPE table top is environmentally friendly and thick enough. Unlike the first two tables, it has a fixed height and wishbone-shaped legs that are sturdier than other tables and won't wobble, flip or bow under 350 lbs. of weight. It is very versatile and can be used for picnics, parties, camping, weddings, work, games etc.

Click Here to learn more: VINGLI 6FT Portable Folding Long Table


Do we have a list of folding tables that you like and would like to have? If so, which one is your favourite? Please let us know in the comments below!
We hope our guide will help you.

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