Makeup tables, or more commonly known as vanity tables are an essential part of any woman’s bedroom if they’re looking for their own personal salon. With everything they need in one beautiful place, it’s like having your own personal style station.

A well-decorated vanity table is the key to having a great day, in our opinion. It's where you start and end your day, feel like your best self, and spend the time with yourself that you deserve. We're sure your vanity table deserves a little love, and if that's the case, browse through this gorgeous vanity setups that we would love to get ready at.

Why Feature a Dressing Table in Your Bedroom?

Gone are the days of being perched on the edge of your toilet seat trying to look in the mirror whilst seeking out the most flattering lighting… The point of makeup tables is not just to add a feminine touch to your bedroom though, they also help with your morning makeup routine, speeding up the process and making the overall task more enjoyable.
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If this sounds like something you’re ready to make a reality, and to put an end to the constant morning of stress you experience due to a disorganized and overcrowded, then keep on ready.

Best VINGLI Vanity Dressing Tables

This VINGLI Hollywood Style Vanity Mirror easily makes my number one pick because of its stunning design, functionality and affordable price tag. Extra large mirror with 9 soft LED light bulbs creates a luxurious Hollywood style that make your face more beautiful like a superstar from day till night. The spacious desktop plus two large sliding drawers helps to keep everything - from jewellery to makeup and self-care products organised. Minimalist & modern design with a golden metal frame adds a touch of glamour to any room.

Hollywood Glam for Luxe Lighting

You don’t have to be a celebrity to get star treatment! The amazing of this dressing table set is that it has a large mirror with 9 LED bulbs, offer enough soft cold light without giving out heat to illuminate skin tones and colors accurately, giving the control over every detail of your hair and makeup whether in the day or night.

Powerful Storage Function

With a spacious tabletop (40 inches wide and 17.7 inches deep) and 2 large sliding drawers, this bedroom dresser not only ensures a smooth glide, but also provides ample storage space to help you easily organize your cosmetics, jewelry, accessories, nail polish and more. A well-organized room keeps you in a good mood every day.

Stylish Modern Design

Delightful with its clean and simple design, this vanity table represents the best features of the minimalistic style of modern style and nordic flair. The perfect color combination of white and gold will match any decor or furniture in your bedroom.

Complete Set

This is a complete vanity table set, including a large mirror with lights and a premium comfortable stool, perfectly designed with the user in mind. The large dressing mirror with a modern and professional look provides a complete and bright view, making it easy to find the perfect perspective when applying makeup. The stool with foam cushion provides a comfortable sitting experience.


This table can be used not only as a dressing table, but also as a writing desk thanks to its spacious table top. The multifunctional design will bring a lot of convenience to your life. The perfect size makes it perfect for limited spaces and can be chosen without hesitation even for a small apartment.


For women and girls, having such an eye-catching makeup vanity table with 9 lighted mirror is their own dream. It is very charming and elegant, showcasing a modern form of glamour for all your grooming and storage needs in the dressing area. Define a space to primp and preen with this Modern Vanity Table!

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Here are some close ups of the VINGLI Vanity Table:


If you're looking for a stylish and affordable dresser vanity table, you won't go wrong with VINGLI. VINGLI sells really affordable stylish furniture with a range of dressing tables and vanity units to choose from.

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