There’s a hot new trend in home accessories - Bar Cart. It is the essential station for all of your holiday festivities, and it can fulfill many roles in the home as a chic and functional solution for storing and displaying items.

Evolving from a Victorian tea trolleys, this VINGLI 4-Tiered Bar Cart has been redesigned to make it a luxurious must-have for any home style from modern mid-century to fresh farmhouse. Your creativity is limitless when it comes to bar cart, and here are some gems for you to keep finding new ways to use it.



Bar carts are the perfect size for hiding away. They can be effortlessly tucked into nooks and corners, aside couches, or next to a kitchen island. Roll it up table-side for extra serving space when you're preparing a swanky multi-course meal. Or use it as a dessert cart for after dinner coffee and sweets. 

Thanks to their wheels, you can carry the bar cart anywhere in the party! This makes it perfect for beverage station service for holiday dinners. Imagine how handy a bar cart will be at your next backyard barbecue or family picnic.

Bottles, glasses and snacks look great on any bar cart. But you know what looks great on a bar cart too? Towels in the bathroom, plants in the kitchen or sunroom, or books and small lamps in the bedroom as a nightstand. They’re the chameleon of furniture. Versatility is perhaps the best answer to why you should have a bar cart in your home!



Stylists love bar carts because it allows them to show their personality and creativity. Load up your cart with antiques you found at the local flea market, bar tools, decanters, your favorite cocktail recipe books, pretty liquor bottles…You get the idea. Serving style is as important as serving delicious drinks. Make your bar cart all about what you love and truly be a focal point in your home.


Choose An Aesthetic
Even though you’ll find every opportunity to roll it around, you’ll want to find a place for your bar cart to reside most of the time. Decorate your mini-bar area with whimsical artwork or a decorative mirror above. Place it next to a comfortable armchair and put a plant next to it for a softer look.


Create A Display
Style the cart with your favorite bottles, decanters, glassware and bar tools. Be sure to include bottles of different height, proportion and color. Add a carafe, a shaker, and some drink accessories - think sliced limes, olives or mint.


Leave Space for Flowers
Along with displaying your favorite statement glassware and bottles of spirits, don't forget to add natural elements to your cart. Such as a fun vase of flowers, a bowl of citrus for garnish, or even a plate of snacks like walnuts or candies. The addition of living things feels intentional and will do wonders in making your cart feel like it's a part of your room's design.


Style With The Seasons
A few simple changes can transform your bar cart to adhere to the seasons. You can create a Thanksgiving bar cart with seasonally appropriate drinks, garnishes and decors. It's sure to be a fun element to the party.


Add Books
If an overly-styled look isn't for you, here's an idea: confine the bottle to a corner and use the rest of the cart to subtly display beautiful books and knick-knacks to create a minimalist decor.



Stocking a bar cart is as fun as styling it. It should have all the basics you can find in any full bar. Here's our list of everything you need to be the shiniest bar cart owner you can be.

Essential Mixers and Snacks Essential Booze Essential Serveware Essential Tools
juice vodka Highball Ice Bucket
sodas gin Lowball Bottle Opener
tonic water rum Champagne Flute Blender
bitters tequila White Wine Glass Juicer
ice whiskey Red Wine Glass Strainer
popcorn vermouth Shot Glasses
pretzels Martini Glass
sea salt


No matter how big or small your home is, you’ve got a bare corner or empty wall in your dining room, kitchen or living room that is craving a little bragging rights. Roll in a VINGLI Bar Cart, put on your bartender hat and get ready to serve your own swanky concoctions.

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