When planning a laundry room, most of the thought goes into the washer and dryer. They do most of the hard work, right? And they are big purchase items. Nevertheless, there is one feature that, while it plays a supporting role, is indispensable: the utility room sink or laundry sink.

The VINGLI Utility Sink Laundry Tub we are highlighting today are the kings of all kitchen and bathroom sinks. Not only because they’re wider, deeper, and have more efficient drainage than regular sinks, but for the many things they make possible. Most think that the standard kitchen and bath sinks are enough for the many chores that require water. But once you install a utility sink, you’ll see yourself that the regular sinks limit you from doing a lot of things that you can other wise do in an utility sink.

You can find this kind of a sink in kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, garages, utility rooms and basements. How truly utilitarian it is and why you should have one, here is why! Read on to find out more about the many advantages that the VINGLI Utility Sink brings along.

  • Laundry - If you have to handwash clothes that cannot be washed in the machine along other clothes or require separate treatment because of tough stains, doing laundry in a sink close to the drying rack or washer can be even more relax and convenient.
  • Bathe Pets - If you have a hard time running after your pet when its their bath time, then the laundry-cum-utility sink can come in handy. Once in the sink, your furball hardly has any escape! Also washing your pets in a bathtub can leave behind a lot of hard-to-get-rid-of hairy mess. To avoid this and making your pet’s bath routine super convenient, investing in a large and deep set utility sink is a great idea.
  • Extra Dishwashing - Sometimes you need to wash large pots and pans, especially when entertaining during the holidays. The laundry sink provides a good place to soak the pans without cluttering the kitchen sink and counter.
  • Ideal for Rinsing - A laundry sink is of great help for a quick rinse. Specially, if you don’t want your kitchen or bath sink spoiled with stains. Be it cleaning the gardening equipments and the mop after use, or the paint brushes after a crazy art session, or even rinsing your mud-caked boots. A utility sink will take care of all you bring to it.

In addition to its rich versatility, this VINGLI Utility Sink shines in its own right, enough to stand out from the crowd of utility sinks.

Thoughtful Detailing:

  • Removable Drainboard - When removed, the utility sink provides more space for washing big items or even bathing pets. When the drainboard is left in place, it is ideal for temporary items such as hand sanitizer, towels, etc.
  • Storage Shelf - A storage rack with a built-in soap box under the utility sink is designed to provide ample storage space for storing laundry detergent, clothing conditioners and washbasins, etc.
  • Slightly sunken bottom center for more thorough drainage.
  • 4 levelers provide stability on uneven floors, making this sink even more stable.

High Quality Materials:

  • Made of environmentally friendly PP material, which is healthy, safe, non-toxic and odorless.
  • Equipped with a stainless steel faucet whose nozzle can be removed.
  • The hot and cold supply lines are suitable for 1/2" NPT valves (The OD/ID of the thread is about 20mm).
  • The drainer with stopper and drain pipe in line with old style US standard 1 3/8-inch.

Tool-Free Installation:

  • The utility sink body is integrally formed and only need to install the feet, euiping with the butterfly nut that can be directly screwed by hand.
  • The holes for the faucet assembly are pre-drilled and require no effort.

Weighing only 18.7 pounds and measuring 32.3"W x 22.4"D x 29.9"H when assembled, the VINGLI multi-purpose sink is sturdy enough to hold at least 110 pounds and is suitable for bathing cute pets such as Samoyed, Shiba Inu and Juvenile Husky.

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Do you have a sink in your laundry room? Or, if you have a spacious kitchen or a big enough bathroom, you can easily have one there too. Another location for this sink is the mudroom. It keeps the chaos of muddy footwear and wet sportswear and gear, under control. With a utility sink nearby, even a mudroom can remain in order. The idea is to have the sink in an area where you not just have access to water but are able to work freely without worrying about spills here and there.

If you like how utility or laundry sinks can make life easy and simplify routine processes, all you need to do is bring home a VINGLI Utility Sink.

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