The honey extractor is a piece of essential equipment when it comes to beekeeping. It helps in the easy extraction of honey from the combs without damaging them. If you are looking for the best honey extractor with all the essential features, then VINGLI Stainless Steel Manual Honey Extractor is the best option.


Great Design

Comes with a stainless steel drum with 2-frame / 3-frame / 4-frame honey extractor at the height of 24” tall and 15” in diameter, the VINGLI honey extractor is very suitable for extracting large amounts of honey at once. It is light in weight yet sturdy, great for beekeepers whose beehives are a significant distance from home. You can easily move it between locations to extract honey near your apiary. And no power connection is required.


Unique Crank

Thanks to the sturdy crank mechanism, VINGLI can realize the smooth rotation of the basket in the honey extractor. This is one of the upgraded features of this model. The crank mechanism adopts a durable handle with a square screw dent, which is not easy to loosen.  The handle of the extractor will not stop turning when released. The cranking mechanism is set to achieve high speeds of rotation with little energy applied by beekeepers. It can more easily extract all the honey from the beehive frame.


Materials and Cleaning

The VINGLI manual honey extractor is made of high-quality, durable stainless steel. It is food grade safe to use and easy to clean. Before and after each use of the extractor, you should clean it with some soap and warm water. There is no need to disassemble it every time it is cleaned. The inside of the drum found on this extractor is smooth and it will not harm you.


Easy Assembly

After purchasing a VINGLI honey extractor, you need to do some assembly. The honey extractor comes with a well-written assembly instruction manual. You only need to use some common household tools to easily complete it.


Further Thoughts

It is now time to consider a new extractor. This VINGLI Manual Crank Honey Extractor gives you good value for money. It is very suitable for family beekeepers and professional beekeepers who own a large apiary. It can quickly pass through the frame of your beehive, so you don't have to spend too much time extracting honey. The frame can be of any size because the basket in the extractor is large enough to accommodate shallow, medium and deep frame sizes.


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