It’s almost the spookiest time of the year! We can’t wait to carve pumpkins, create the best costume, and then eat all of the Halloween candy. We see a lot of you are like us and already preparing to decorate for this frightful holiday, too.

If you haven’t started Halloween decorating yet and are looking for some ideas, we’re here to help! Follow along and fill up your trick-or-treat bag as our list is packed with haunting-but-happy top finds.

1. Holding Hands Witches

Witches, ghouls, and ghosts. That sounds like a recipe for a fantastically frightening haunt! If you've dabbled in outdoor decorating for Halloween before, we're guessing you've probably set up plenty of ghosts and ghouls. Probably some gravestones, too, and maybe some spooky skeletons, as well! But if you've been missing out on witches for your Halloween scene, we have a must-have addition for this year's decorating. This 3 Holding Hands Witch Set!

5.2ft tall life-size witches with glowing faceless heads wrapped in black robe are holding hands, perfect for haunted houses, Halloween parties, Halloween garden decorations and more. The faceless heads glow and flash, changing colors from red, yellow, blue, green to purple, accompanied by creepy groans sounds that create an eerie aura and spooky atmosphere. That's their trick to scare your trick-or-treaters.

Available as a set of three. Battery-powered to display nearly anywhere. The more, the merrier (or should we say macabre?). Ready to go? Treat the entire neighborhood to a circle of our Holding Hands Witches.

Check Price Here: VINGLI Holding Hands Witches with Light-up Heads and Sounds Halloween Decoration(Set of 3)


2. Animatronic Crawling Zombie

Here's the thing about zombies: They're a lot like Michael Myers. Michael walks very slowly with his big butcher knife. You might think, "That creep can't move that fast. I'll be fine." And then BAM you're dead. Same with zombies! They crawl really slowly, but they always get to you and eat your brains.

Watch your step for this Animated Crawling Zombie! The footless Halloween ghost with a bloody face and long messy hair, dressed in green and black rags. He gnashes his teeth and displays his claws, ready to attack. When someone walks by, his eyes light up and his head and hands move as he searches for his prey. The moans and growls he emits will delight and terrify all who hear him!

No assembly is required. All you have to do is add 3 AA batteries, press the start button and wait for your guests to flee in fear. What a perfect Halloween decoration for a scary surprise.

Check Price Here: VINGLI Animatronic Crawling Zombie with Flashing Eyes and Sounds Halloween Decor


3. Black Halloween Tree

Halloween is always fun and outrageous, so why not do something different this year. In addition to the typical cobwebs, cauldrons and larger-than-life-sized skeletons, there's a hot new trend taking hold this year: the Halloween tree. The #halloweentree trend that has generated tens of thousands of posts on Pinterest and Instagram is likely to gain steam, alongside the popularity of black Christmas trees.

The charm of this 6-ft-tall black tree lies in its versatility. 1,600 branches are authentic and natural, showcasing vivid mature pine trees. From ghosts and ghouls to cobwebs, pumpkins, witch hats, and tons of other spooky ornaments, your creativity and enthusiasm make this occasion more special and memorable.

Completing the assembly of this tree is very easy as it requires only 3 steps. Join now and setting up an enchanting Halloween forest in your front yard that will definitely give your neighbors something new and upbeat to talk about.

Check Price Here: VINGLI 6ft 1600 Tips Artificial Black Christmas Tree


Party guests, trick-or-treaters, and neighborhood ghosts agree: they like a little spooky and they want a lot of fun. Start with a couple favorites or fill your cart. There’s no formula for making your Halloween pathway fabulous, every piece adds its own magic. Time to work some of your own.

Warm Tips: Snap them up fast. Favorites disappear in a flash!

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