This VINGLI Professional Camping and Fishing Chair is a new item on the market, but it is already very popular. It's not surprising when you see how its functions are loaded.


What Type of Chair Is It?

This is an extra-large, comfortable and affordable chair with sturdy steel armrests, reclining backrest and adjustable legs.

180 Degree Recline

Whether you prefer to sit upright or recline your chair while sitting, you can achieve both with this good chair. It can be reclined up to 180°, so you have total freedom in your sitting position. You can easily set the reclining angle, just adjust the lever locks on the sides.

This great feature makes it a much more comfortable chair compared with many standard camping chairs.


Adjustable Legs and Paws

For more comfort and convenience, this camping chair has adjustable legs and rotatable front paws. This is a very useful feature because you can't always expect a flat and solid floor when you’re outdoors.

Simply press the height adjuster to extend the leg length (up to 12 cm), suitable for almost any outdoor floor.

The swivel front paws can hold your chair in place when you put it  on a less sturdy surface. It prevents your chair from sinking into surfaces such as sand or soft soil.


Foldable and Portable

This is a foldable camping chair, which can be quickly folded and unfolded and is very convenient to use. Comes with a storage sack for easy storage and carrying.


Strong and Durable

High-Quality Corrosion Resistant Steel Frame

The frame of the chair is made of high-quality, corrosion-resistant steel, which can provide you with many years of use.

600D Waterproof Oxford Fabric

In terms of seat and backrest materials, its 600D Oxford waterproof fabric can provide you with the comfort and softness you need when sitting. Another benefit is that the fabric is easy to clean, so you only need to wash it with warm soapy water.


Who Is It For

This chair has an oversized design (seat size: 26x32 inches) and can hold up to 350 lbs, so it is enough for most people. This is why many people add it to the list of ultra-wide camping chairs.


Great Price

Check the price of the chair available in the link: VINGLI Foldable Adjustable Reclining Fishing Chair.

For such an item, this is an incredible price under $100! 


Final Thoughts

A comfortable and strong camping chair is an essential gear for your outdoor travel, making your outdoor experience more enjoyable. This VINGLI Chair has all the most important features that you should consider carefully, not to mention that it is an unbeatable price-value combination. Don't worry, high-quality equipment you can trust is always worth the investment.

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