If you are looking for a late-night bathroom while camping or boondocking, look no further than the Vingli Toilet/Sink Combo. It is the perfect solution for tent campers, van campers, rowers and travel trailers without bathrooms.

Environmentally Friendly

The Vingli combo is not only more attractive, but also simple to use and very environmentally friendly. No longer need to carry more expensive gel bags with you. (When adding other garbage to the trash can, the bag may be punctured.) Vingli's toilet/sink combo uses water for flushing. You can use the sink to wash your hands without wetting the ground around the tap.


Everything You Need

Vingli takes all your needs into consideration. The sink and toilet are designed to be used separately. The sink has a foot pump designed to manually control the water flow. It even has a built-in soap dispenser and a toilet paper holder. The 5-gallon free-standing water tank provides fresh water for washing hands and food. The toilet comes apart and emptying couldn't be easier. Just remove the upper part and use the handle to take it to a restroom or dump station. The rotating pouring spout allows you to easily dump it into the toilet or sewer drain without causing confusion.


Not Only for Camping

There is no doubt that it is the perfect solution when you are too far away from the bathroom or your RV does not have a bathroom. You can use it in the pop-up locker room. It can also perfect for small campers who do not have a toilet, or where the toilet is removed. You can even use it as an extra restroom for an outdoor picnic. Vingli comes with a tote bag, so you can pack it neatly until you need it again.

This Vingli toilet/sink combo is a game changer for campers who need to frequent the restroom in the middle of the night. If you have this when you go to the Grand Canyon, you will camp instead of living in a cabin. This is your first choice to turn your camping experience into a glamping experience!


For more info, please go to VINGLI PS0W2 Upgraded Portable Sink and Toilet Combo.


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