Imagine this: You came to the home early today, called off all your meetings, and scheduled all your calls to the next day just because you don’t want to miss the finale of the match. Right before the match is about to start, you realize that you are not feeling comfortable while watching TV as your entertainment box is not giving the right angle that is required. Isn’t it will make all your imagination to an end and will ruin your match night?


So, what do you think? Is it the fault of your sofa set? Or your TV? The reality is that the later one needs a perfect house and that role can be played by the TV stands from VINGLI.


Yes, having an ideal TV cabinet is not only for practical reasons, but aesthetic ones. Let us look at this in detail.


Practical Factors

Provide The Best Viewing Experience

A good TV unit offers space for everything you love and make your TV viewing experience more exciting. The VINGLI TV stand you see here has a spacious tabletop that can accommodate up to 55-inch TVs. The height is 33.8 inches, which is the best height determined after testing the height of most sofas. The center of the TV will line up with your eyes when you are seated on your sofa. It will not make your neck feel uncomfortable.


Helps You Organize Better

The VINGLI TV stand not only improves the way you experience movies, it also adds plenty of space to store all the essentials. There are 4 adjustable shelves under the door, 2 open compartments and a large shelf to fit in everything and more. You can store and exhibit your splendid collection of CDs, DVDs, books, magazines, vintage music records, photo frames, etc.


Aesthetic Factors

No Longer Tripping Over Wires and Cables

A wire mess in the living room is the last thing you want! If there are several devices that you plan to keep in your living room, such as a television, stereo, video game console, etc., then there are bound to be lots of cables hanging around. The best way to avoid that? Get a VINGLI online. The TV stand with two cable management holes will provide the perfect habitat for your media and entertainment components.


Upgrade The Decor of Your Living Room

The biggest highlight of this VINGLI TV stand is the unique sliding barn door style design. The white appearance presents a unique visual effect in a clean, crisp and stylish way. Perfectly match with your home decorations such as flower vases, artworks and souvenirs to make your home look more elegant and refined. Don't doubt, this fashionable TV stand will definitely give your living room a new look and become the focus of neighborhood discussions.


Another important factor that cannot be ignored: price. It’s important to buy a TV stand that matches your budget. This VINGLI is currently priced at around $215, which fits the budget of most homeowners.


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