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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 13 reviews
        Excellent product

        I will recommend it to everybody. Very happy

        Great dog pen!

        I love this dog pen! It is super easy to change the width and length. In the video the pen is longer and narrower (2x8), because I had just vacuumed. You can easily make it 4x4 and other variations and odd shapes. So far it keeps her confined when necessary, and as you can see she goes in there on her own. I have never left her in it by herself longer than an hour and a half, otherwise I put her in her kennel. She still a puppy (15 weeks/18 lbs) and as she grows she may be able to jump over it.

        The Hummels
        Worth every penny

        We use ours for the big kids to have their own play space where the babies can't destroy their creations. I'm so glad I paid extra for a metal gate. This thing is heavy. In the picture, it's not secured to the wall, and there's been no concern with it falling over. We will be taking it camping this weekend as well to give me a break from picking rocks out of my baby's mouth. I'll put a tarp with a blanket over for her to scuttle around on.I kind of wanted one of these when my second baby was due 13 months after my first. I felt it was necessity now when baby 4 is due 12 months after baby 3.We opted for the metal for the added weight to keep it secure, as well as to wrap around the woodstove in winter months.Extremely pleased with this purchase!!Have not attempted attaching to a wall yet because we find new configurations and uses for it every day...

        Great buy!

        Very nice!! The only change i would make is rubber bottoms so when it shifts it wont scratch the floor. We will be getting them to add on, but all in all we love it and especially like its ability to change shape.

        Very pleased, overall

        First, the parts were extremely well packed. The packing material was foam and didn't shed like styrofoam. Thank you! Parts were well separated in the box and there was no scratching or damage.Next, it assembled easily but did take a good review of the instructions.All-in-all, the fence looks very good. Does not look like an ugly baby gate. The red button on the handle is subtle. The off white wall mounts match the linen color of the walls, and the white powder coated fence components look high quality. This is not something I鈥檓 going to grumble or curse at every time I walk by it.

        Kindle Customer
        nice gate

        We installed the gate to block off our stairway from our grandchildren. It is was moderately easy to assemble and seems sturdy, but I do worry that if the kids start pulling on the gate that it may come out of the wall.

        Jeff Lat
        Awesome baby gate

        Love this we use it every day to protect our toddler from the wood stove. And I like that in the summer we can use it for our stair so we can leave the door open.

        Tow bar

        It is perfect, keeps my yorkies out of the living room because the space between the bars is narrow.


        I purchased this to keep our baby from gett to the stairs. It is very easy to both assemble and use, even installed in an awkward location as there are several angles walls near the stairs.Customer service was wonderful. One panel had a locking tab missing. Contacted the seller. As soon as they knew the issue, not 1, but 5 locking tabs were mailed and arrived very quickly.Would purchase again!In fact, I already have made a repeat purchase to keep our small child away from the fireplace.

        Works great

        My wife assembled this while I was away on business and she rarely does anything this laborious. So I would say it's fairly easy to We've had this for several weeks for our new pup and it has been pretty sturdy. Gate latch is easy to use.