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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 23 reviews
        Lori W

        I like how it could be a tall table or a small table. I don’t wear outdoor shoes at home to keep the house clean, and sometimes I sit on the carpet floor to do stuff- now I have a perfect table for that purpose. I thought not having delicate height adjustment would be uncomfortable but in fact I didn’t need any different heights since fortunately it matched my seated height. lol it’s sturdy enough but I was a bit scared of some reviews and never moved it around but once- fortunately, it didn’t fold into half. The anti-fold lever thing actually does its job. Also, it’s not super heavy to lift with the handle, and wverything stays in tact. Overall I like it! I would recommend this product.

        Amy T.

        We love this table. It's fast and easy and safe to take up and put down. It folds up into almost nothing and it completely self-contained. The leg extensions pop in easily to make a very sturdy table. No wobbliness if you're worried about the fact that it's adjustable.So much better than your average card table. We love this! We added it as an extension to our normal table so we can have guests and still socially distance. We take it down and put it up constantly :) Only good things to say about this table.

        Winner Over All!

        We downsized quite a bit and needed extra table space. I found other card tables but the idea of the folding card table was a winner for me. Easier to carry, easier to store. It's a little bit harder for me to put together and take apart (65+ yrs) but my 8 yr old grandson can do it. I figure I could do it if necessary but I've always had someone around to help. The advantage of 7 grandsons and 1 great-grandson.

        Great tables for a party!

        Our condo association has been renting small tables for social events. When I saw how reasonably priced these were I took a chance and was very pleased. Everyone agreed they were a great purchase plus their size makes them easy to store. They are sturdy and fold up easily.

        ML Faw
        Cozy with 6

        This table is so easy to store. I always need extra seating for thanksgiving and parties. I can fit 6 at this table, although they are quite cozy with 6.

        Lady bishopLady bishop
        Great table

        These tables are great, I have many different sizes and love them all, I use them for tea party’s or sometimes dinner for 2. They are strong and sturdy.

        Mistress Tee
        Easy to open, easy to close, perfect size!

        This table is tbe perfect addition for extra tabletop space. I bought it for the laundry room. Pops up in seconds! Folds with the tug of the lock. Fits snug agaist the wall behind a pole for storage. It's literally just big enough, and not too big for a one-armed operator.

        Molika Molika
        Love it

        My family loves this table I wish I would had brought it sooner. I took a chance with buying this table off the reviews was some what bad but my table came in good shape no problems with folding it close or opening it or any dents. The package was wonderful as well. My children sits at this table to do activities like coloring and also eats at it. Easy to clean off after they are done.

        easy to put away when not in use--see video

        The media could not be loaded. I've used this every day for about 3 weeks. Each day it comes out of the closet, is set up, and I use my computer on it until evening when I fold it up and put it away. It is easy to set up/take down. It is light and sturdy. The legs cannot slip (unlike legs from some other tables that use a friction ring to adjust).

        L. Smith
        Ease of Use: 5 star

        This is neither too big nor too small, opens and closes easily and is easy to keep clean & store. A good addition with many practical uses.